When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


10. Confusion

Chapter 10

It's been 3 days. 3 days!! I haven't come out of my room nor spoken to anyone. Since Niall knocked Harry out cold, I have just been so confused and depressed. I think everyone is deciding to get the point I don't want to talk or eat.... Or be here. I wanted to go home to mum and dad but knew the minute I unlocked my door I would be bombarded with questions. 
There was a knock at my door and I ignored it like I have been these last couple of days. The knocking continued as did my ignoring skills! 
" Bethany I know how to unlock your door so save the time and effort". It was Charlie and I would of ignored her but I knew she spoke the truth. We figured out how to unlock all the doors in the house when Danielle took all the chocolate and locked
herself in her room. 

I hesitantly opened the door to see Charlie with a worried yet excited look on her face. Oh no! She's got something planned!
Charlie's P.O.V
Hahahahahahaha thank The Lord I was a good blackmailer! I have been so worried about Beth these past few days. She hasn't eaten or talked or washed. "Go have a shower get dressed. Look hot! We are
Going clubbing just you and me!!" 
" you cheated! "
That always worked, especially on Beth!
" Charlie I can't go and face everyone I am just so confused. I just got my life back on track and now this happens" Beth was on the edge if tears as she told me this but
I knew there was more to her story. 
"What else is making you act like a peasant?" 
"Nothing" she answered way to quickly for that to be the truth. 
"Tell me or I will let Niall and Harry in who by the way look like crap!
" no no no please no!" She begged me. It was quite funny having her beg me like I was her master!
"Then spill your beans child"


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