Is it magic when hate changes into love? Is it magic when enemies become lovers? Is it magic when your dreams become realities? For Lily, it is. And as for Luke, all he could save was his reputation. Will that change?


3. Chapter 3

At last! It was finally done! This douche got what he needed, my thing is saved and I'm glad.
I put back those books into places and went out to see Kevin sleeping on the couch. Where's that douche?
I turned my head around, still no sign of him.
Guess he just have to find out himself. Not my job to find him.

When I was about to open the door, I heard a voice behind.
"Not saying goodbye?"
I paused and turned. Dang, does this guy doesn't have any shirts? "Uh. bye..?"
"You done my homework? Ima cut your head off and sell it too some hobos down the street. Your head doesn't cost a lot, they could definitely afford it."
Ouch. That hurts.
I turned back to the direction of the door, and before I could walk away, I heard him say, "Your secret is safe with me."
I smiled, without turning back, I said, "Thank you Luke."
And with that I walked away. Then the wind gusted towards my direction, all the leaves came towards me, flying towards my face. Goodness.
When I started walking, I could feel slight drops on top of my head. I felt them with my hands. Water.
..It's drizzling.

I kept walking until the half of my journey. It starts to get darker and the rain just pours heavily. Everything of mine are now soaked. Even my phone. Urgh. I took it out. Dang, not working. When cars just drive over the water, the puddles just splashed onto me. Like typical movies. I guess they aren't so typical now. Shit.

I stopped walking when a car stops by the side of the street. I recognized the car though. The window rolled down, there exposed no one other than Luke Archer.
"Luke?" I asked.
"Need a ride?" He smirked.
"I said, need a ride?" He was getting serious now.
I furiously shook my head. "No."
"Stop being so arrogant honey. Come, now." He chuckled. Man this guy is creepy.
He started to frown. "Before I kick you at the places you don't want to be kicked, come in.
I startled. . . what.
I hesitatingly open the passenger door and sat in there.
"Damn, the chair's wet then."
I kept quiet.
He chuckled.
I looked at him with a weird face. "You know this is the first time, ever I got a girl wet in a car during a rainy day."
My eyes widened, realizing what he said. That's a topic!

"You could stop being silent you know, I'm driving, I can't hurt you."
I still kept quiet.
"Well unless I park this car in front of your house and slap you, then yes, I can hurt you."
I made a gag sound and he chuckled again. "We're here."
I opened a door without saying anything and he grabbed my wrist. I looked at him.
"See you in hell on Monday."
I rolled my eyes and went to my house.

When I walked in, Jenna stood there smiling at me.
Jenna is my 5 year old sister.
She's a cutie and my whole world.

My parents?
Well let me tell you a secret.
You must promise me not to tell anyone.
Not even Luke or Belle knows about it.
NO ONE knows about it.
Only me and Jenna.
Truth is, I'm living with my foster parents.

It was 3 years ago..

Beep. Beep.
I shut the alarm clock off. Damn, can I not go to school?
I sat up straight on my bed.
What if I bail out of school? I did it all the time. Not like my parent's gonna know, right?
I picked up my phone and texted Jaden.

"Bail today? We'll act like we'll go to school and you know the rest."
"Oh, I'm going to school today sorry x"


"It's like the millionth time we bailed. We rock, baby. Come join me baby? Please, my fucking parents are not bothered anyway. They're fucking useless."
"Umm, alright."

Yay. I got up and ready and went outside of my room. I put my 'innocent' act on.
"Hey baby." My father greeted as he kissed my forehead. I secretly wiped it off. Ew.
"Breakfast is ready, darling. You hungry?" My mom asked.
I shook my head gently. "Nah, I think I'm going to skip. But your food is delicious. It's just it's my monthly time of the month. The know."
She nodded, "I understand baby."

I waved goodbye before Jaden picked me up, acted like we went to school. First we went to starbucks and grabbed a bagel. I'm hungry! Yeah, my mother's cooking sucks ass.
Jaden entwined our fingers as we walk down the alley.
We sneered at the beggars and teased them.
Damn it was fun.

Before this I used to think that I will be caught for bailing.
But I had my ways to tricking the school management on giving them a fake number of my parents.
They did send letters, but I burn it.
Poor trees. Mother nature fucker.

It was 6 when we decided to went back.
I sat in Jaden's car, singing to whatever song was played in the radio.
I slept in the car, I was exhausted.
I was in a very deep sleep.

My dream was a blur. I heard screams and fire and everyone dying.
I woke up in a complete sweat.
I looked around.
I slept on the tarred ground. Half of it was covered in ashes. Beside me was 2 person laying facing down. I recognized them immediately. They were my parents. I felt their pulse. No beat. What?!

I stood up and turned around. My jaw dropped. My.. house. Is completely burnt.
There was a note beside my mother.

"Dear Lily, my bravest yet innocent daughter ever.
In my past few years, when I married your dad, I've never expected to have an amazing daughter like you.
Truth is, me and you dad are experiencing financial problems. That's why we had to send your sister to live with your aunt.
I was right. You are the best that has happened to us.
I'd rather be killed than giving up on you.
I'd rather be called worthless than giving up on you.
I'd rather be a beggar, if I had to, than giving up on you.
I'd rather give you the world if you wanted to.
You are the most expensive crystal in the world. Nothing could buy you.
We are the luckiest parent to own you. You are amazing, honey. You're truly the best I could ever ask for.
Dear God,
Please protect my daughter when I'm not there for her.
Please save her from any danger.
You were right to take my life for my daughter's.
Thank you God.
For Lily, keep in mind that we never stopped loving you.
I pray every day that the monster would never go near you. Keep away from the monster, Lily. Keep away from Jaden Richer.
We love you Lily."

I cried when I read this. That monster. Beside the note was my own mother's blood. Fresh blood. New fresh blood.

"Lily?" Her voice snapped me out of my 'daydream.'
I never realized tears were out of my eyes.
"You okay Lily?"
I smiled. "I'm okay Jenna. Now go to your room, finish your homework. Are you hungry?"
She smiled and shook his head and went to her room.

I went to my room and dozed off.

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