Is it magic when hate changes into love? Is it magic when enemies become lovers? Is it magic when your dreams become realities? For Lily, it is. And as for Luke, all he could save was his reputation. Will that change?


2. Chapter 2


My phone beeped at the other side of the room.
Urgh, why did I put there? I'm so lazy.

I walked towards the end of my room and picked up my phone.
A new text message.
Hm - from Luke.

"It's okay if you don't want to help me, I mean - it's not that fucking embarrassing, slut."
"WHAT! Wait-wait. What do you want, exactly Luke. And how did you get my number?"
"I have my ways and, my house in 30 minutes. Just open the door, no need to ring the bell."

I sighed. 30 minutes. Tomorrow's Monday. It's still 2PM. I've done my homework. (Yes, I've done my homework like.. yesterday. Geek.)
I got up and and prepared myself. Well I look ugly, touching up wouldn't make a huge difference, would it?
Then my phone beeped again.
What do this guy want from me!
I checked my phone.
Oh, it's from Belle.

"Hey babe, are you free in the next hour, it's urgent!"
I don't know, exactly. What if Luke wants me for a longer time? Ew wait, that sounds disgusting. Ew.
"Uh, I don't even know, Belle.  I have plans. But I think I can make time."
"Oh. :( thats sadd. nevermind then. call me if you can make it, babe?"
"ok :("

Belle is my best friend in my whole entire world.
Oh and I forgot to mention, right?
My mother abuses me when she's drunk.
And my father spoils me.
So that makes it even.
I live with them both.

Ooh! A fun fact! Belle dates Kevin, Luke's best friend.
So every time Belle and Kevin goes out, Kevin will ask Luke to join him and Belle win ask me to join her.
Like, it's that even a date!
Belle and Kevin even ignored us, so they basically left us two behind.
And that's when Luke's bullies me.
Well, he kicks me, calls me name, threaten me, and more tho.
Why wouldn't he stop?

I checked my clock.
10 more minutes!
The journey to his house is about 20 minutes! God. And I'm walking there!

I walked out of my house and walked to his house. The roads were gloomy and scary. It was kinda dark for a 2 PM.
Since he didn't ask me to knock his door, I just entered.
The living room was empty. So I went to his room. I knew this place somehow, don't ask me why.
And there stood him, naked. Like completely.
I widened my eyes and automatically covered my eyes with my hands.
"Ew Luke, go get some clothes on!"
He chuckled and ask me to open my eyes.

He was still half naked, but it's not a bad view though.
"Why were you naked?"
"Uh, because you were late and I thought you won't come so I'm getting comfortable 'cause it's fucking hot in here?"
I mumbled an 'ew' and stood there awkwardly.

"So bitch, look here." I refused to listen.
"Hey!" He screamed. I startled and looked at him.
Must admit it, he does look gorgeous. But I look at his heart. So nope.
"I called you here to help me, okay? Not to linger around."


"Now, you are going to do my homework for me."
"What!" I screamed.

He pushed me against the wall. I could smell his cologne.
"Do what I say or else.." He smirked.
I paused.
His mouth went to my ear and he whispered. "Things will get dirty soon."
I shivered. What did he mean?
"W-what do you mean?" I said barely above whisper.
"Oh you know what I meant darling."
Again, my body shivered. Damn it.
He chuckled.
He pointed at the books on the table. Dang! That's a lot!
"Oh and deary, I need it all done by this night. So you can't go home and do whatever you want."

I nodded swiftly.
He laughed and left the room.
I sighed and sat at the study table. Seriously, this boy!


An hour later.

My stomach starts grumbling. Oh shit! The last time I ate was like.. 3 hours ago. Okay, don't judge me!
Good thing he wasn't here, or he'll laugh at me.
The door then fluttered open.
"It's 3:10. You hungry?"
I stopped writing. Did he actually asked me to eat?
"No-no, I'm not. Thanks though."
"Hm kay, just go out if you are."
I nodded and he went out again.

I rested my head on the table.
I sighed.
How many more books? I counted. 3. Not too bad, not too bad. Doing good, Lily. Doing good.
This time, my stomach grumbled louder.
Dang, it's like rocking!

"You sure you're not hungry Lills?"
I startled. Where did the voice came from. I looked at the door. Luke stood there grinning.
"Uh. Kinda. I'll be down in a minute. Need to do these first and I'll come out."
He nodded and left.

When did he open the door? Still a mystery.
When he called me with 'Lills', the memories came flooding back. It was heartbreaking.
Around 2 minutes later, I went out. The smell of actual food made my stomach produce a very loud sound.
I heard a laughter. It was Kevin's laugh. Don't ask me how I know it. His voice is different.

I faked cough and those two turned around. "Oh hey bitch." Luke spatted. Urgh.
"Hey Lily." Kevin said. I mouthed hi. Kevin was fine. He didn't bully me, but still, he didn't prevent Luke though.
Luke pointed me at the plate.
I picked it up and went back up to his room and continue working.
It was pasta.
Didn't know Luke was this good at cooking.

I guess I did not know that much about him though.

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