The adventures of Atlantis

Kim has never belived in magic but when she goes on holidays and gets sucked into a magical tube she appears in Atlantis.The people of Atlantis say that she is the chosen one to help them save themselves from the wicked people that want to take Atlantis out of the sea but will Kim belive in herself and try to help ? Well find out in this story!


2. Summer

Im having great fun in Spain.My relitives are giving me presents and im giving them presents too.I got one very weird present from my granny,its a tube filled with water ,my granny says that its magic but i never belived in magic and never will.Im holding the tube right now and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! IM GETTING SUCKED INTO IT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! no no my diary Kim screamed .Oh phew  ive got it .Kim wasnt at home anymore , she was at an amazingly gold gate and there was a big sign saying Atlantis!!!! I stood there astonished!!!




sorry about this small chapter guys .ill write extra in the third one





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