The adventures of Atlantis

Kim has never belived in magic but when she goes on holidays and gets sucked into a magical tube she appears in Atlantis.The people of Atlantis say that she is the chosen one to help them save themselves from the wicked people that want to take Atlantis out of the sea but will Kim belive in herself and try to help ? Well find out in this story!


1. last day of school

It was the last day of school before the summer holidays.Everyone was acting all sad because we wont see each other for the summer holidays.I wasnt sad ,i was feeling normal as always.I was drawing my picture when my teacher ms.Marley called my name.Kimberly Walsh she called in a harsh way .i didnt know what to do ,my heart started thumping as i walked up to the teachers desk. Now she was acting all smiley .She stared at me and spread a giant smile across her face. You won a week off homework for next year she announced well done kim .Thank you very much i said sounding astonished.When i was walking down to my seat Harriet and Alice started to snigger .I could hear them whispering my name to each other but i pretended not to notice.I got to my seat beside my best friend Floss(her real name is Flora but Floss for a nickname) and she started calpping for me .Congrats she congratulated me .After a while it was time to go home.As soon as i got home  i had to change and finish my bag and pack my suitcase making sure i havent forgotten anything.I was going on holidays to my grannys and grandads and other relitives in Spain.If youre thinking im from Spain ,dont .Im from ireland .All my relitives are now in Spain because they moved there when i was little.I cant always belive that my family is rich and ive been to countries like Australia.

Guess what my mam and dad went to Kildare outlet and got me and Mark new designer summer clothes.By the way Mark is my younger mam says we will set of to the airport at 10 even if the flight is at 1 in the morning.

Im flying (on a plane )and soaring in the plane will land in about 10 minutes .I asked my mam if i can take of my coat when were of the plane and of course my dad heard and said yes .In a few minutes the capitain announced that we are about to land.Within a minute we were safely on the ground getting of the plane.We went to the take your luggage department .My dad phoned my grandads to ask where they were .They were waiting at the taxi department.When we got to the taxi department ,my grandads looked really happy.

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