Vas Happing?

Bo Thomas is a beautiful 19 yr old with lond brown hair and bright green eyes with long eyelashes witch most of the time are drenched in tears because she gets bullied. But what happens when a new boy falls in love with her? will she love him back? will the bulling stop?


2. Zayn Malik

I arrive at the office ''ah, Bo can you go into principle  Brown's office please?'' ask Miss.Wood ''sure thing Miss.Wood,'' i say politely, i then knock on Mr. Brown's door ''come in,'' he yells, i then open the door ''ah, Bo please have a seat,'' he smiles. I sit down and notice a very handsome boy with dark brown eyes and a black quiff he looks so mysterious. ''Bo, this is Zayn, Zayn Bo,'' ''hello Bo,'' he smiles while holding out his hand, I then take it and say '' hello Zayn, nice too meet you,'' ''Bo i want you to show young Zayn here around. Is that ok?'' Mr. Brown asks '' of course sir,'' i smile ''good now Zayn you will have all the same classes as Bo so you and her will be spending alot of time together,'' "thank you sir,'' Zayn smiles ''ok off you two go, class is about to start,'' me and Zayn nod, stand up and leave.

''So umm, we have history next so wanna start walking?'' i ask Zayn ''aaa,e-hem- ya would love to,''  he blushes, I smile a start walking and Zayn then follows ''so, Bo if you ,umm, don't mind me asking but you have a umm boyfriend?'' he asks while blushing ''no, why?'' i ask whilst blushing myself ''no reason,'' he says quickly. We arrive outside our class room, go inside and sit next to eachover.


Zayn asked if he could come over to study with me i said 'sure' we then walk to my house and instead of studding we watched movies and went swimming witch i had to teach Zayn how.

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