Vas Happing?

Bo Thomas is a beautiful 19 yr old with lond brown hair and bright green eyes with long eyelashes witch most of the time are drenched in tears because she gets bullied. But what happens when a new boy falls in love with her? will she love him back? will the bulling stop?


3. someone who cares?

The next day me and Zayn walk to school telling jokes and talking about our lives ''So Bo why do you live alone?" Zayn asks ''well my parents... they died about 3 months ago,'' ''oh, I'm sorry,'' Zayn says while wiping a tear away ''well i can always live with you,'' he smiles 'could you? i feel so lonely,'' ''ya, i love to,'' he says while holding my hands, i then smile and hug Zayn "well i was right she is a slut moves on like that,'' says a glaring voice 'no' i thought i then let go of Zayn to face Jenifer and Justin walking out of a bush, Justin doing his pants up and Jenifer doing her shirt up, ''oh, hey bitch and cheater,'' i smile like im greeting a old friend ''slut,'' they both snap ''oi, what gives you the right to call Bo that,'' Zayn says angrily  ''ooo, what do we have here,'' Jenifer said walking around Zayn ''he's new at school,'' i say  ''and your new boyfriend,'' Justin smirks ''why jealous?'' i smile Justin just glares ''ya like anyone would like you Bo,'' Jenifer and Justin laughs '' well I do,'' Zayn says his face going red, i look over at Zayn and say ''lets go Zaynie,'' while grabbing his hand and walking off. I then look over my sholder and saw Justin with Jenifer pulling him into a bush.    


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