Vas Happing?

Bo Thomas is a beautiful 19 yr old with lond brown hair and bright green eyes with long eyelashes witch most of the time are drenched in tears because she gets bullied. But what happens when a new boy falls in love with her? will she love him back? will the bulling stop?


5. moving in

''ok, Bo ready?,'' ''yup,'' ''ready, 3..2..1, lift,'' ''har,'' i groan as i lift Zayn's couch inside my a apartment. Today is the day Zayn is moving in im so happy for two reasons

1) Me and Zayn are dating

2) only 1 more week till we graduate XD

It's been about 3 month since me and Zayn started dating and i L-O-V-E LOVE him but he doesn't know


Me and Bo put the couch down and I just collapse onto the couch ''oi Zaynie, we still have the arm chair,'' she says waking my stomach ''noooooooooooooooooo,'' i groan ''common,'' she says pulling me off the couch ''fffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeee,'' i moan. Me and Bo then walk outside and carry the chair inside, I then plop down on the chair ''get off my chair boii!'' Bo snaps ''no,'' i smirk ''i'll just sit on you then,'' she smirks back. Before i could do anything she sat on me ''opfff,'' i say ''get off me,'' i groan ''NEVA,'' she clicks her fingers in a 'z' formation ''fine,'' i say tickling her ''stop!'' she laughs ''only if you say you love me,'' i demand ''fine, fine! I LOVE YOU..!" she shouts ''i love you more,'' i say while i stop tickling her ''i love you the most,'' she replies.


After that Zayn and I watched a movie and I fell asleep agenst  his warm body then he carried me up stairs to bed and cuddled me.



hey guys wat u think so far? leave comments and ya :) xoxo   

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