Vas Happing?

Bo Thomas is a beautiful 19 yr old with lond brown hair and bright green eyes with long eyelashes witch most of the time are drenched in tears because she gets bullied. But what happens when a new boy falls in love with her? will she love him back? will the bulling stop?


1. intro

It's lunch, I'm in the bathroom crying , oh by the way my name is Bo, Bo Thomas I'm 19 and right now I'm at school getting bullied like i always do. I usually don't bother what with they say but to day they did. This is what they said:   

''Hey loser,'' Jenifer said ''hi bitch,'' i mumbled under my breath ''what was that loser?'' she says while shoving me '' i said 'hi bitch,'' i say while smiling ''slut,'' she shouts '' oh yeah, I'm a slut because i have 1 boyfriend,'' i smirk '' you do know he is cheating on you with me,'' ''doubt it,'' '' he is, tell her Justin," i look over to Justin with teary eyes ''Bo...I'm sorry,''  i then push pass him but he grabs my wrist  ''Bo plea-'' '' NO! don't touch me... i trusted you and you just gave it away,'' i shout and then walk off ''FINE! I'M HAPPIER WITH JENIFER ANYWAY!'' he shouts back.

So here i am now crying in the bathroom "Bo Thomas to the office please,'' said the loud speaker. I sigh, dry my eyes and walk to the office

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