This Love.

One girl, Cameron Daniels. One Boy, Harry Styles. One forbidden love.

Cameron has always insisted that she hated One Direction, her friends and family knew that. But what if she was hiding one heck of a secret? What if he loves her? No one knows about Harry and Cameron’s relationship, it all kept a secret. But what happens when someone finds out? And everything suddenly gets a whole lot more tense.

And a lot more dangerous.

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me.


5. Chapter 5.

                                      Chapter 5.

Some crappy interview was airing on the tv, as I cuddled myself to keep warm underneath a blanket I had found in the back of my wardrobe. I focused my attention away from the tv as my phone made an irritating buzz next to me. I picked up the darn phone, unlocking it and viewing the message I had just received. 

From Mel:

Hi, what you doing? Can I come over? X :) 

To Mel:

Watching tv. Hurry up, I'm bored! :)

I texted back, she needed some girl time after 'said' incident on Saturday. I was still nervous about someone knowing mine and Harry's secret, I really hope she wouldn't tell anyone at school. I turned back to the TV, when my phone started ringing. After I heard the ringtone, I didn't even look at the caller ID to know who it was. "Hey, Harry" I called and I could hear him sighing over the receiver. "Hi, baby..." He whispered, softly. I knew something was up. I knew he was worried. "What's up?" I questioned, "oh, I'm just worried about what Mel might say... Is there some way I can persuade her to keep our secret?” I chuckled slightly, there was definitely a way. "Well, she's in love with you guys, tickets or something?" I asked, not knowing his answer, I didn't want to push him into anything. "Done. Tickets to our next show in America, which is in two days, plane tickets included and backstage passes; for both of you." I gasped and I could almost see him smirking at the other end of the line, "Really?" "Well, if she's coming, you're coming too." I held the phone tightly to my ear, only wanting to hold him in my arms, when the doorbell started ringing. "Mel's here now, do you wanna tell her the news?" I asked, walking slowly to the door. "Yeah, but it'll be quick, there's twenty minutes before I go on. " I opened the door, shoving the phone, on loudspeaker into Mel's face.

"Mel, you’re going to America." Harry's voice was loud, and serious... But I don't think that Mel believed a word. "What, no way. Who is this anyway?" She obviously hadn't guessed that my boyfriend was on the phone. "It’s Harry. Harry Styles." An inhuman squeak left her lips as she heard the name, and I could hear Harry chuckling. He yelled to one of the boys to shut up and carried on. "I have got you: front row seats, backstage passes and plane tickets included, to come and watch our next show in Miami. On one condition, please...keep our secret?"  She nodded, speaking to Harry for a few more minutes and then hung up the phone.


“So?” I questioned. “I’m coming.” She whispered, grabbing my shoulders and jumping up and down. “Cameron, he really loves you.” “I love him too.”


Two days later.


Mel and I jumped into the plain rental car that sat waiting outside the hotel where were staying. Mel was screeching to her self, too excited to even hook a sentence together. I tapped my fingers nervously against the leather steering wheel as we sat at a red light, why can’t we just get there already? This was meant to be one of the busiest shows, the one that had sold out the quickest. I dread to think what Harry had had to do to get those front row tickets.


“Tickets please.” The 30 something year-old men groaned, probably wishing he was somewhere else. We passed over the tickets, being gestured over to a set of large metal door. Burly me dressed fully in black surrounded them, commanded to see our passes until we were willed to pass through. As we did, we were faced with a large room, a few teenagers and preteens jumped about; trying to suck up to the celebrities who stood near them. I honestly think that whole room quieted down as we stepped through and into the atmosphere that was laced with excitement and probably any other emotion available. I could see the curls that lay comfortably in front of the emerald irises, a hand flowed slowly through the dark chocolate mass as he leant close to the floor, talking to a younger child. I loved the way he was so amazing with children, the way he loved them and there was no way that they couldn’t like him. I made my way near to him as Mel veered off to try and find Zayn, because I’m sure, if Harry was single she would be trying to flirt with him.


I want and stood next to him, further back and against a pale wall. “See you in there…” He whispered to the young girl, who twisted her perfect blonde hair around a small, thin finger. She twirled around, her pink dress flowing out and Harry placed his hands together, giving her a tiny round of applause. She pulled the corners of her sweet pink lips into a smile, running away, back to her mother. “God, that was almost so cute it hurt.” I moved forward, whispering in his ear. He knew it was me immediately, locking our digits together, trying to be discreet about it. “All I want to do right now is to kiss you.” He mumbled, his eyes trailing the length of my body. “And, you look gorgeous.” A deep pink laced my cheeks and neck and I looked down. I wasn’t wearing anything special. A roller skater skirt, an old Pink Floyd shirt and flower print Doc Martens.


“I’m nothing special, Harry.” “But babe, you are.”


“EVERYONE TO YOUR SEATS THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO START!” An over head speaker spoke, and Harry nodded to himself. “Pretend to get lost after the show, meet me in the corridor near the back.” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath tickling my skin and I nodded.


I found Mel talking to Zayn; they were flirting so much that if it was on a metre, it would be hell sky high. “Come on, Mellissa! Let’s go to our seats!” She agreed, bidding Zayn a farewell and we made our way into the main arena. God, Styles wasn’t lying. Our seats were in the middle, right alongside the stage. Screaming, that was all you could hear as the five boys raced on stage. They began singing and the whole crowd went mental. I still wasn’t One Directions biggest fan, even if it was my boyfriend; I couldn’t really change my type of music. The notes that they sang flowed around the stadium, being echoed by the crowd, applause coming after every beat ended.


‘Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me…


I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes…


You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea…


I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape…


You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you…’


Harry’s eyes locked with mine for a minute. And with that I knew, I knew something. He was the one.   

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