This Love.

One girl, Cameron Daniels. One Boy, Harry Styles. One forbidden love.

Cameron has always insisted that she hated One Direction, her friends and family knew that. But what if she was hiding one heck of a secret? What if he loves her? No one knows about Harry and Cameron’s relationship, it all kept a secret. But what happens when someone finds out? And everything suddenly gets a whole lot more tense.

And a lot more dangerous.

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me.


4. Chapter 4.

Chapter 4


Harry's hands ran through my hair as we watched the Disney version of 'The Lion King' sitting on the sofa, finally having some privacy because my sister was round her friends and my mom was at work. Most of my attention was on the movie, but my gaze kept flickering over to the beautiful boy beside me. His eyes were scanning through things on his phone, occasionally typing and small smiles dancing over his features. Suddenly, the small smirk that was playing in the corners of his mouth fell, changing into a half hearted frown. "What's up?" I asked as he looked up at me, "oh, um nothing really. Just... A fan posted on one of my Instagram photos, 'do you have a girlfriend?' So I thought, should we drop a hint... But they can't see your face?"  I nodded, smiling. "What should we do?" "Ok..." He clicked on the Instagram app, going onto the camera. "Do you have a sharpie?" He asked, and I nodded, getting up from the sofa, looking for the sharpie.

I found it, down the back of the sofa in my sisters room along with a few spare coins and a half packet of extra chewing gum. When I had plodded down the stairs, Harry turned around and smirked at me. "Where you been, Babe?" He whispered, loud enough  for me to hear across the room, "Looking for the sharpie?" I asked, more than stated and he nodded, gesturing to the space next to him. I walked over, handing him the cool, 
black sharpie and he grabbed my hand. 

In a curved font, he wrote: 'His' in a loop around my thumb, me squirming as the black pen nib tickled my hand. "You see, we'll make a heart with our hands; and they'll say his and hers on them." Harry spoke, while concentrating on the writing if the simple word that meant so much to me.  "You're so romantic sometimes, Harry.." I whispered as I grabbed his right hand, writing on 'Hers' in the almost exact place. We moulded our hands together, making a perfect heart as Harry held the phone out a reasonable distance. Click. The phone dropped to the floor as Harry lost grip, the photo just being taking in time. "That's going to be an amazing photo..." His raspy voice slipped into my ears as he leant forward, pressing a kiss to the skin just below my ear.  "Why?" I mouthed back, leaning my head onto his chest, "because the girl of my dreams is right next to me, and I think... I think I'm still asleep, and when I wake up; you'll just be a beautiful nightmare." 

"Harry, even if this was just a dream, I don't think I'd have the strength to leave you..." 

A rose pink blush melted onto my cheeks, making them heat up as he pressed his tender lips to my forehead. I carried on leaning on him as he leant to the beige carpet, picking up his shining black iPhone and quickly typing in the pass code. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, so heavily they were sure to leave marks as he concentrated on posting the picture. "What do you think?" He asked, passing me the phone, and I read what he had posted. 

'~But I won't hesitate no more, no more. This is our fate, I'm yours~ for my amazing girlfriend..x' 

I rested my head on his toned stomach, smiling, as he pressed post, his notifications exploding, the insta and twitter-verse being set on literal fire. Hundreds of retweets and reply came through first few seconds, most of them asking who Harry's new girl was. In no time, the top three trends were: #mysterygirl, #JasonMrazQuotes and #Harrysnewgirl, wow, these fans were quick. 

I spoke my thoughts aloud, Harry chuckling at my comment, "yeah, but they will never know about us." "Harry, can you grab my guitar please?" I yelled, even though he was sitting right next to me, "yeah, sweetheart." He strolled over to the corner of the room, grabbing my old, acoustic guitar. He passed the object to me and I began to strum the strings, humming a tune in my head. "Harry," I whispered, "Can you came and listen to this?" He nodded his head, walking over, sitting next to me and placing his hand on my knee.

"They don't know about the things we do,
They don't know about the 'I love you's.
But I bet you if they only knew,
They would just be jealous of us.
They don't know about the up all nights,
They don't know I've waited all my life.
Just to find a love that feels this right,
Baby they don't know about,
They don't know about us."

I finished, the lyrics that had been swirling around my head for months were finally out. Harry smiled that smile in reply, his eyes sparkling. "Wow, Cameron, you're... That's amazing." He stumbled over his words, unlike the boy filled with darkness that I usually knew,  pressing a kiss to my temple. "Do you want to help me with the rest of the lyrics?" I asked quietly, "yeah." 

"We should do this more often, baby" Harry spoke as he slipped on his converse, by the front door. "What, the pictures or the song writing?" I asked, laughing, him grabbing my hand and inter linking our fingertips. "I think that every time we meet, in private, we should take a picture like today.. Ya know? And you need to record that song. I might even show it to the boys" I gasped and he nodded, smiling. "Please don't, Harry..." "No promises, babe." He whispered, his hot breath tickling the skin by my ear. I began to play with the chocolate curls that were ringlets at the back of his neck. "But--" I was cut off by his lips just gliding over the corner of my own, his eyes were wide as he pulled away and I pulled him closer to me. "Kiss me." I whispered. 
         He needed no more encouragement. His lips crushed onto mine, his hands grasping my waist and he gasped into my mouth as I tugged, hard on his curls. He slowly walked forward, pushing me so my back was against the door, his hands moved so that they were ghosting through the long strands of dark hair that cascaded down my back. "It makes your lips, so kissable and your kiss, unmissable. Your fingertips, so touchable and your eyes, Irresistible." He whispered the song lyrics softly on my ear, holding me tight in his arms before he left to go back to America. "I have to go, Cam, but call me, text me and don't forget me."

"Harry, how is that even possible?" 
I rested my forehead on his and he brushed our hands together. "Just remember that I love you, sweetheart, and not even the distance can come between us..."

"You got that right. I love you too." 

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