This Love.

One girl, Cameron Daniels. One Boy, Harry Styles. One forbidden love.

Cameron has always insisted that she hated One Direction, her friends and family knew that. But what if she was hiding one heck of a secret? What if he loves her? No one knows about Harry and Cameron’s relationship, it all kept a secret. But what happens when someone finds out? And everything suddenly gets a whole lot more tense.

And a lot more dangerous.

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me.


3. Chapter 3.

                                             Chapter 3

"So, how come your even in the UK?" I asked Harry as we sat on the sofa, MTV playing quietly in the background as we chatted, sweet kisses being stolen. "Isn't it ok for a boy to go and see his girlfriend now?" He laughed a his own comment, sarcastically. "No, but aren't you meant to be in the US? For like, shows and stuff?" I asked, wondering why he wasn't with his band mates. "We have a three day break, so I'm going back on Tuesday.." His voice trailed off as I'm sure he saw my face fall. "It's ok, baby" he whispered and I turned around, pressing my lips to his. He twisted my hair around the ends of my hair, that rested just above my shoulder blades. My hands got lost on that incredible mass of curls. 

"Cameron, Mel's here to see.." My mom called out, he voice trailing off. Me and Harry jumped apart, but we knew we were to late. Even Mellissa had seen us. I sat next to Harry, our legs and hands intertwined, Mel standing just behind me. "I think you need to explain." Mel's voice was harsh as she spoke over my shoulder.
I moved off Harry, standing up and brushing a hand through my hair, hands shaking. Harry follow suit, wrapping his arms around my waist as I shrunk into his warm body heat. 

"You know what, Cameron. I was always hated, you were the only person I could call a friend. But I guess you were hiding secrets from me, something as big as this. I had everything I ever wanted, but one thing I always wanted was an amazing boyfriend someone to kiss me and tell me they love me. But you go and steal him." 

I didn't here what else she had to say as her palm in contact with my cheek. The force in which her hand hit my face turned it into Harry's chest, tears pricking in my eyes. My tears stained his black shirt as he began to speak, trying to calm us both down. I took a few minutes to console myself, I slowly turned around, the guilty look on Mel's face sparking a thought. 

I suddenly felt guilty for hiding the amazing relationship that was hidden behind closed doors and I reached out to give Mel a hug. "Mel I'm so sor-" she cut me off, I could almost hear the tears on her voice. "No, it's my fault Cam. I'm sorry." 

"Mel, promise me one thing." She nodded, her hair falling in front of her face. "Don't tell anyone. Don't tell anyone I'm in love with Harry Styles."


I rolled over in my sleep, my head still resting on something extremely comfortable, my hand being held tightly as I slowly opened my eyes. "Hello, beautiful" Harry's raspy voice whispered on my ear, startling me. "Hi." I whispered back, realising I was sprawled out, fully-clothed, on my boyfriends chest, my hand interlinked in his. I guess we fell asleep on the sofa last night. His eyes glistened from the weak early morning light streaming through the living room curtains and onto our out-stretched bodies, lying on the sofa. "How long have you been awake?" I asked him, his sight lazily moving to meet mine. "About an hour." His dark voice was soft as he started to rub circles into the palm of my hand, a dimple puncturing his cheek. "What were you doing?" I asked standing up and stretching as I turned to turn around, only to find Harry standing in front of me, his height towering over me. 

"You're so gorgeous," Harry whispered, stepping closer and brushing a few fly-away strands of hair behind my ear. Our faces moved closer as he rubbed his thumb over the sensitive skin just under my eye. His other hand pulled my body closer to his. When our lips touched the sparks were as fresh as they had been when we had first kissed. "I'm just..." My mom said, her voice trailing off as she walked into the living room, seeing mine and Harry's heated embrace. "Just gonna go and make breakfast..." Her voice was awkwardly stuttering as she moved slowly out if the room. Harry slumped back onto the sofa, running his hand through the mass of dark curls. "Well, your mum definitely knows how to create an awkward moment." I laughed at his comment, grabbing his hand and pulling him from the sofa. "Harry?" I asked, and he turned to look at me, "yes, Cam?" "What are we doing today?" I asked, not wanting to stay inside the house on the first day of spring break. "Do you maybe want to go shopping?" "Yes!" I spoke happily as I grabbed his hand and pulling him upstairs. 

"We are here!" Harry yelled over the music pounding through the cars speakers. We had been shouting/singing the lyrics to a range of different songs on the way to the shopping complex, getting a few strange looks from strangers as we yelled 'What Makes You Beautiful' at the top of our lungs. Harry silenced the music and jumped out of my red MINI, which just seemed too small for his huge height. He opened the passenger side door, a cheeky smirk flashing over his features as he grabbed my hand, "M'lady." He grasped my hand as he pushed a pair of sunglasses up his nose, along with a beanie as a disguise, to try and hide from the fans. But we knew that they would probably notice Harry Styles anywhere. 

He pressed his lips to my cheek as he laced our fingers back together, dragging my shivering body towards the warmth of the shopping centre. The weather was cold, even though I was wearing one of Harry's grey, over-sized crew neck sweaters, black leggings and purple converse. We walked quickly, avoiding the oncoming cars as they honked obnoxiously at us. Harry suddenly picked up the pace, pulling my closer to him, my head rested underneath his shoulder, shocked at the sudden change of speed. Harry glanced over his shoulder, a worried look crossing his face as I slowly turned my head, glancing around his arm. Hundreds of bright camera flashes burned my eyes as I realised why we were running. Paparazzi. Just a few more metres to the shopping centres automatic doors. A squeal left my lips as Harry's arms circled my body, pulling me up into him. His speed was increasing as he ran, carrying me bridal style. "HARRY!" "TURN AROUND!" "WHO'S THE NEW GIRL?" The paparazzi's shouts were loud, echoing in my ears as we ran through the warm heaters surrounding the shopping complex entrance. A few colourful words slipped from Harry's vocabulary as he slid to a stop. His eyes were furiously glancing in every direction as he searched for a place to run. "Harry." I whispered, his green gaze averting to land on my face. "Selfridges?" He nodded, causing a few stray curls to escape from the beanie a top his head. "Hold tight." He whispered in reply, his nose brushed my cheek before his converse-covered feet slapped the marble-like ground. Strangers eyes lingered on us as Harry sprinted past bars and restaurants, a few teenagers taking out there phone and recording the famous boy. The herd of elephant-like  paparazzi with their privacy invading cameras followed our every move, the shutters and flashes blinking continually as Harry carried me into Selfridges. I directed Harry through the store, having been in here many times before. Our pace slowed down to a walk, him carefully setting me back onto the floor and grabbing my hand. "Where now?" He asked as we stood in the middle of many racks of clothes. "Uh, the changing rooms?" I suggested, and he nodded, a smirk turning up the corners of his mouth. "Yeah, grab anything you want, sweetheart. I'm paying." A smile grew on my face as I dragged my sighing boyfriend over to a rack of t-shirts. 

We walked out of Selfridges, Harry's arms laden with a few shopping bags, as he wouldn't let me carry any even though he had brought everything. His fa e was locked on something on the other side of the centre, but I wasn't  sure what. "Harry?" I questioned, trying to catch his attention, but he kept staring on. "Harry?!" I asked again my voice raised slightly-his gaze quickly darted over to mine. He shook out his curls and leading me out of the warm shopping centre. "Yes, sweetheart?" "What were you looking at?" I asked, curiously. "Oh, um.. Nothing." He smiled at me and we walked, hand in hand to my car. 

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