This Love.

One girl, Cameron Daniels. One Boy, Harry Styles. One forbidden love.

Cameron has always insisted that she hated One Direction, her friends and family knew that. But what if she was hiding one heck of a secret? What if he loves her? No one knows about Harry and Cameron’s relationship, it all kept a secret. But what happens when someone finds out? And everything suddenly gets a whole lot more tense.

And a lot more dangerous.

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me.


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.



Tears streamed down my face as I tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. My phone kept vibrating in my pocket and I knew it was Harry; he looked tense across the room, his hands were gripping the sides of desk so hard that his knuckles had changed to white. Only a few more minutes until the end of this lesson now.

“Class, pack away your belongings and then you may go” Ms. Jacks yelled to quiet down the class that was now filled with the sound of rustling and scrambling. “Have a great break guys and I will see you on the first Tuesday back!”

I was the first out of the classroom. I just ran. Ran to the music corridor, as that was my next lesson. I flew into one of the practice rooms, slamming the heavy door behind me as I heard Harry yelling after me, “Cameron! Where are you?” I just slid down the furthest wall, my tears creating small silver tracks down my cheeks. I buried my head into my knees, my breathing heavy. Calm down, Cam, don’t listen to her. But what she says is true. A sob escaped my mouth and I clung to the cold pendant around my neck.

“Are you ok, Cammie?” I would Know that voice anywhere, that voice that held his inner darkness, the raspy-ness that made me shiver. Harry was the only one who called me ‘Cammie’ and it would stay that way. “No, I’m just so ugly...” I whispered, the scent of his cologne infusing my senses as he sat down next to me. “You’re not ugly; you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” He leant his head down to my height so we were at eye level and rested his forehead on mine.

“You’re the one I love, the one I care for, the one who I eventually want to marry.” I gasped and finally opened my eyes to meet his emerald orbs. “Really?” I asked, surprised. “Yes, really. Now, kiss me” I leant in, our lips touching, sparks igniting like fireworks. My hands pulled of his beanie, messing up his hair and wrapping the curls around my digits. He pulled back slightly, so our mouths were still brushing; “I think that you need to be in class, sweetheart” I nodded, pulling right the way away. “Um, Harry?” I questioned and he nodded as he stood up. “Yeah?” “No one saw that did they?” Please say they didn’t. Please. “No, baby.” A sigh emitted from my lips as I stood straightening out my clothes and walking out of the door. Just before I left, I turned around. “I think I'm in love with you” My voice no louder than silence as I spoke, walking out of the door; leaving Harry standing in the musical practise room looking considerably amazed.

“Today you will have to perform a song of your choice as a solo artist, you have 45 minutes. I have assigned you to work in a room with a partner; you can make a dedication if you wish.” Our music teacher, Mr. Johnson, read out the names of the people who were working together, his voice monotone.

“Mellissa and Charles”

“Brooklyn and Bella”

“Katarina, you can work with Harry as he has no partner and the person you were meant to work with is no here today”

No. No, no, no, no, no. Why?

I was stuck with some boy in our class, Chris. Why did Katarina have to pair with Harry? When she walked up to Harry, and he realised who she was, his features moulded into a mix of anger, hatred and pure shock. Well, this was going to be a fun class. When the pair walked past me, Katarina smirked; probably thinking that she had got the boy. At that moment, I just wanted to full on make out with Harry, to show that he was off limits and that he was my man. But we didn’t want that attention.

“Um, Harry? Would you mind performing for us?” Mr. Johnson asked. “Nah. Here go’s” Harry began as he walked to the front of the small classroom, adjusting the mike. “Ok, this is for a very special girl; you know who you are” When he said that, he looked everywhere in the classroom except for me. Then, his amazing voice sparked through the speakers:

‘Give a little time to me,

I’ll burn this out,

We’ll play hide-and-seek,

To turn this ‘round.’

Harry’s whole body relaxed as he sang, his shoulders dropping and his eyes closing whenever he hit a high note. The smile on his face made me know that singing was one thing that clamed him, the one thing that was his rock.

‘All I want is the taste your lips allow,

My, my, my, my,

Oh, give me love.’

Silence echoed around the classroom. I think everyone was breath-taken, like the oxygen had been stolen from their lungs. Soon the silence was broken, claps cracking and cheers being yelled. I honestly had the best boyfriend.

“Well, that’s all we have time for today folks. See you after spring break!” With that the class left for break time. Finally. I grabbed my bag off the floor, walking from the room into the corridor, discreetly taking out my phone and looking at the messages.

From ‘Him’:

Don’t listen to her, you’re perfect-H x

From ‘Him’:

I love you- H x

From ‘Him’:

Just fall into place and you’ll fall into me,

We’ll make it out you’ll see. <3 -H x

A tear slipped from my eye, creating a mark over my features as a pair of long arms wrapped around my waist. His thumb reached up, whipping away the glistening tear, singing quietly in my ear,

‘It’s a long drive, back to Vegas skies.

So I don’t, I make one more wrong turn tonight so,

Say goodnight, our first goodbye,

I’ve only got forever and forever is fine.’

His raspy voice sent tingling shivers down my spine as he pulled our bodies outside, behind the school. The spring chill greeted us, the cold air slapping our arms and faces. Harry's arms wrapped tightly around my waist, his face nuzzling into the crook of my neck, curls tickling my face. I turned in his grasp, now facing his body as our lips met once again. He pulled away resting foreheads, "I do think you are beautiful though, sweetheart." He nodded to me, pulling away and leaning against the wall as a group of girls walked past. Katarina and her friends. Yay.


"Hey babe." She drawled out, her face mixing into one of pure disgust as she noticed me standing there. "What are you doing here, Scumbag?" She laughed as she made fun of me. "Er... I was just going?" I questioned my own actions as I tried to move. "Don't go, Cameron!" Harry whispered, locking our hands once again. "Eew, what are you doing even touching her!!" One of Katarina's friends squealed, pulling away our sweaty palms and cooling the sparks I know we both could feel.


"Uh, I don't know" I mumbled, trying to walk away, but Katarina held me against the wall. "No. You are going to play 'Truth or Dare' with us and Harry." "Ok..." He said in reply, there wasn't even a point in trying to argue with her, she would always win. Her and her friends dragged us further away from civilisation, into a dark dingy corner of the school. "Harry. Truth or Dare?" Katarina asked, to be honest her voice sounded like it was laced with pure hatred. "Uh...dare?" He whispered, kind of afraid. "Kiss the most beautiful girl here" She asked, a smirk gracing her features, and a look of pure horror crossed Harry's face. "Ok?" He said, leaning across the circle, his eyes locked with mine. "I'm sorry." He spoke quickly, before pressing his lips to mine. As he pulled away I tried to act surprised, but I couldn't mask the smile growing slightly on my face.

"What? Uh... Why?" Katarina moaned, grabbing moving closer to me and pulling my hair. "You." She stood me up. "Are" her hand slapped across my face. "A." She slammed me to the ground, "A. Dead. Girl." She kicked my hard in the stomach, pulling hard on my hair, creating bruises all over my body. I could hear Harry shouting, trying to get her off me, but I just wouldn't fight back. But she took it a step too far when she pulled off my necklace. I screamed and everything stooped for moment. I could see Harry pulling the pendants from her hands, moving her away from my weakened body. But as he tried to pick me up, Katarina went abso-bloody-lutely mental.


"What are you doing?!? Get off her!! You want me!" Because she wasn't jealous at all. "No, I'm sorry. I'll always help those who need it." Harry whispered, pulling me into his arms that I was so familiar with. I nuzzled my face into his t-shirt, as he re-linked the necklace around my neck and started walking back towards the school. "Are you ok?" He asked, looking down, his featured masked with worry, "yeah. I think so. Thank you." I whispered and he nodded, asking me directions to the nurses office.


One of his hands that was linked around my neck and slipped into my own. "Are you ok, Cammie?" Harry asked, his warm breath blowing over my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I slowly nodded my head as he left a soft kiss to my cheek and knocked on the door of the nurses office. "Hello, yes come in dear!" The nurse yelled through the door and Harry kicked it open with his foot. The smell of clinical soap met us as we walked further into the room, Harry addressing the grey-haired woman in front of him. "Um, my friend was attacked by one of the other students, I just wanted to check if she was alright?" "That's fine, just sit her down on this bed here." She said, gesturing to the bed next to an old wooden desk.



"Well, all seems to be in good shape, but you may have a few bruises for a week or two, but except for that, it's all good." I nodded, glad that this was nothing serious, just like I thought it wasn't, but better safe than sorry, right? Harry nodded, agreeing with me and helping me down from the bed. "I don't need you to help, Harry" I whispered, but he just ignored, his hand continually brushing mine. Just as we were waking out of the door, the nurse’s kind voice echoed around, "Are you two a couple? Because if you're not, there's something there. Just the way you look at each other."

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