This Love.

One girl, Cameron Daniels. One Boy, Harry Styles. One forbidden love.

Cameron has always insisted that she hated One Direction, her friends and family knew that. But what if she was hiding one heck of a secret? What if he loves her? No one knows about Harry and Cameron’s relationship, it all kept a secret. But what happens when someone finds out? And everything suddenly gets a whole lot more tense.

And a lot more dangerous.

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me.


1. Chapter 1.

                                               Chapter 1








“Uh. I hate this song” I mumbled to myself as something by One Direction was being played on the radio of the bus. I was sitting next to a girl in my class, Mellissa, we weren’t good friends but she was the only other girl, in my year, on the bus that I got on with. She groaned, knowing my immediate opinion. She was a true fan, full on fan-girling when she heard their names. If only she knew. Everyone knew I hated them, but that wasn’t the complete truth.

         The song; which had been ‘kiss you’, finished and some Beatles song started blasting through the speakers, that’s more like my type of tune. Then I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, the ringtone immediately followed.


‘I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape,

You never want to know how much you weigh,

You still love to squeeze into your jeans,

But you’re perfect to me.


I won’t let-‘


Crap. No one was meant to hear that. I bet most people were thinking, ‘I thought she hated One Direction?’ Everyone and I meant literally everyone turned to look at me. Mouths gaping open as I pressed the phone to my ear, because that wasn’t awkward at all. “Who’s that!?” Mellissa angrily whispered, her features contorted in shock. I just shook my head, smiling when I heard his voice over the receiver. “Hi sweetheart.” His dark voice raspy as he spoke. “Hi!” I spoke excitedly; I hadn’t talked to him in a few days, knowing that he was caught up in his world tour. “How are you, beautiful?” He asked, probably knowing full well that my cheeks were now heavily laced with a deep pink. I laughed slightly at Mellissa’s reaction; she never knew I had a love interest, never mind it being one of her idols. “I’m better now, how’s it going?” I questioned, he knew I was talking about the tour, but I couldn’t mention it here. That honestly would not help the situation. “It’s going great. The crowds are so loud in the U.S… I think I might be partially deaf now” A giggle slipped from my mouth as I smothered my hand over it trying to not sound like a complete loser.


 “Oh god Ha-” I began, but then stopped myself. If I said his name it might give this away, this whole thing would go down in smoke. “How come you’re not saying my name, baby?” He whispered. “I’m on the bus” I hissed at him, his laugh echoing loudly over the phone. “Sorry. Isn’t your ring tone...?” “Yes it is, it was considerably awkward” I laughed. “I miss you” Harry whispered, my eyes slightly glazing over with tears. “I miss you more than you even know.” A sniffle left my nose as I attempted not to cry. “Aw, baby…” He whispered and I closed my eyes, ridding them of the dwelling moisture that had collected on my lashes. “I’m nearly at school” I said quietly to him, not wanting to leave the conversation going on between us. “It’s ok, I’ll talk to you soon… I love you” “I love you too.” That tiny phrase meant everything to me when spoken from his perfect lips, a small beep sounding as the line went dead. I missed him so much.


As I looked up from my knees, more than eight pairs of eyes lingering on my face. “Who was that?! Why was his contact name ‘Him’?! Why was his picture of Harry-bloody-Styles!?!” Mellissa almost yelled at me. I was completely stumped, how was I meant to answer that question without giving anything away about us? “Number one, that; was my boyfriend. Two, because it is and Three, He looks like Harry-bloody-Styles!” I mocked her, and mentally adding, ‘It was Harry Styles’, but no one could know that. Not yet. I honestly don’t think that she believed me, but she just looked away. Mellissa looked astonished when she looked behind me, out of the window. My eyes followed her gaze, nearly gasping when I saw the crowd of screaming girls outside our school. “What’s going on there?” She asked, almost to herself, “Is there some kind of celebrity here today, Cameron?” She asked me and I shook my head, “Not that I know of, Mel” “Eh, let’s go and see then” She said and I nodded, standing and thanking the driver as I stumbled to the road from the bus.


“OH MY GOOD GOD!” Mel yelled, a scream leaving her lips. “What…?” I asked and she pointed to a figure in the distance. My eyes swiftly moved along her arm as I gasped, in shock, at the figure standing a few metres away.

         It was him. His body leant to the side, supporting him self on a near-by wall, the lazy posture relaxing the prominent muscles in his back. His hair was flopped over his forehead, slightly swept to the left, the deep chocolate brown curls resting on his head. His sparkling green eyes that I knew so well, standing out; almost glowing.

         I could see Mellissa hyperventilating next to me, amazed that she was this close to her idol. As we neared Harry, Mel let out another scream, causing him to turn and look at us. He reached up, pressing his index and middle finger over his bottom lip, sliding them along and letting his arm to drop back to his side; the smirk once again indenting his lips. “Oh… he’s coming over!” Mellissa whisper-yelled in my ear, grasping my hand. I tried to slip it from my grasp, but she just held on tighter. “Well, you two look like great ladies… Would you mind showing me around?” I nodded, still surprised that my lover was standing right in front of me and nobody knew, nobody but us. “Yes, we would love too! By the way, I’m Mellissa and this is Cameron” She spoke quickly, her worlds jumbling together. He smiled that smile that made girls go weak at the knees and Mellissa excused herself to use the bathroom, probably so she could go and freak out. As soon as she left, we were instantly surrounded by girls again, most of them giving me icy glares.


Harry and I passed through the crowd with great difficulty, girls pushing and shoving to get a better view of the nearing celebrity. As we moved further through the crowd and closer to the school entrance, Harry grasped my hand, squeezing it tightly. “Harry, NO. We can’t, we’re not even meant to know each other…” I whispered and he nodded, slowly letting go of my hand; the disappointed look on his face almost tearing my heart to pieces. “Come on. This way” I acted as if I was actually bothered about showing him around the school. “What do you want to see, Harry?” I asked, hoping it wouldn’t be a tour of the school. “Um, are there any empty rooms with locks on the doors?” What? Why would he want to go there? Oh well, I gestured the way to an empty classroom on the third floor.  



“Here’s an empty classroom. It has a lock on the door?” I asked instead of stating it. I saw him look around, his gaze running in every direction until a smile grew on his face, the tell-tale dimple popping in his cheek. His large, warm hand grasped my own; a feeling I had desired for weeks now. He entwined our fingers, sparks igniting with every touch. “I’ve missed you so much, sweetheart” Harry whispered, his voice turning raspier with every word he spoke, the voice he only used for me. “I missed you too” I said back, Harry pulling me into the empty classroom, slamming and locking the door behind me. “I love you so much” He spoke, his eyes turning to a darker shade of green, from emerald to an almost black, darker than a moonlit forest. I went to answer, but his lips immediately crashed to meet mine. Our lips moved in synchronisation, my hands reaching up and getting lost in his curls as I tugged on them; him suppressing a moan. His arms locked around my waist, rubbing small circles on my hips. We stayed together, just enjoying each others presences as I pulled away, resting my forehead on his.


“I love you too.” I whispered back, silently grabbing his hand once again, entwining the fingers that had been separated for so long. “Um…Harry, sorry to ruin the moment and all that but a) I have school and b) Mellissa will be looking for us” I said, immediately regretting it as he pulled away, unlacing our fingers. He leaned his head forward, shaking out his curls; aiding the process with his abnormally large hands, as he looked back up sweeping the deep chocolate hairs back to the left and taking his bottom lip heavily between his teeth. “Before I forget, I got you this…” he spoke nervously, slipping his hand deep into his back pocket. A few seconds later he pulled out a plain silver chain, two small pendants clinked together. They were angel wings, one silver and the other brass, both of them laced with black. “Oh gosh, Harry.” I was honestly speechless. I had never seen anything so beautiful, “Thank you so much” I whispered in his ear as I pulled him into an embrace, him linking the cold metal around my neck.


“We should go, Cammie” Harry whispered into my hair and I nodded my head slightly. He pulled away, loosing my hand and walking away- unlocking the door, and sneaking out so we wouldn’t get spotted in a locked classroom together. Once his heavy footsteps could no longer be heard, I left the room, pulling my long dark hair into a messy pony tail, and running straight into Mellissa.


“Mel, have you seen Harry?” I asked, hoping that she had. “Oh yeah, he’s right here…” She gestured to the figure approaching behind her without turning around, by the expression on her face; I could tell that she was more than overwhelmed by being in the presence of Harry Styles. As he moved closer to us, I took in his appearance, the black long sleeved shirt that clung to his torso and the dark skinny jeans that were slung low on his hips made him look more like a normal teenager rather than an internationally known singer. He had pulled a beanie over his curls, some of them sneaking out the corners of the khaki green hat. A bag was slung over his right shoulder, his other hand holding his phone. His feet, covered with dark converse, made hardly any noise against the cold hall floor as he mouthed “Text me” and then looked directly back to the ground, a smile sparking on his mouth, a dimple indenting his cheek. “Hey!” I said, acting as if I hadn’t seen him since earlier this morning. “Hi, Cameron right?” he asked, his acting almost impeccable. “Yeah, well…” I paused while the loud bell rung above my head “We have to go to class now, and I think that you will have to come with us. Is that ok?” “Yeah, that’s fine.” He said, nodding, the stray curls bouncing with the movement.


I walked into my English class, my teacher Ms. Jacks. Harry and Mellissa were in tow, close on my heels. As we walked into the classroom I was surprised to see that we weren’t the last people in here, “Who is this, girls?” Ms. Jacks asked and I answered. “This is Harry, he’s visiting today. And as he has no where else to go, may he sit in the class?” Most of the girls that were in the classroom gasped as they realised that Harry Styles was standing in the same room as them, never mind breathing the same air as them. “Yes, fine. As long as he does not disrupt my class.” She spoke sternly before turning on her heel and commencing to write the lessons objectives on the board. We were all assigned seats in this class, the only spare one being by Mellissa. At least it wasn’t by one of those jealous girls, I don’t think I could spend a whole lesson with one of the flirting with my boyfriend.


At sat at my desk, pulling out my text and exercise book. I pushed my bag further under the desk as Katarina; one of the popular girls, came and sat in her assigned seat, which just happened to be next to mine. “Hey” She drawled, her voice sickly sweet, just like too much honey. I just ignored her; I wasn’t going to put up with her constant annoying behaviour today. I could sense someone looking at me, so I turned, just to be met by Harry’s piecing gaze. I watched him as he got his phone out, quickly typing and then shoving it back into his jeans pocket. I smiled to myself as I felt my phone vibrated in my jacket pocket, I slid it out, onto the table to read the message.


From ‘Him’:


I think that you look beautiful.-H x


I blushed at his text as Katarina leant over my left shoulder to read the message. “Ha” she scoffed; “Who could think that you look ‘beautiful’” Her long, manicured fingers made quotation marks in the air as she carried on her rant at me. “Your hair is a mess, your wearing some unknown bands tee with a Plaid Shirt? And your trousers…” She shook her head in disgust as I saw Harry tense in his seat across the room. I thought I looked ok today, come on; it was school for gods sake! I looked down at my scuffed blue Doc Martens, my gaze searching my body for faults. My feet were too big, my clothes a mess and ‘not in style’, and I carried too much weight. I was far from beautiful.


I was far from perfect.

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