My Strength

Even though she had hard times in the past, Stav decided to move on and to live her life like any other teenaged girl. Going out, finding the love of her life and finding out who her real friends are.
She doesn't know what will happen next and how her boyfriend, the love of her life, will react when she'll tell him about her past.
Surprises and memories come from everywhere - for the best and for the worst.


3. Life Full Of Surprises

It's been a month now since Harry and I met and started dating.
I remember everything that ever happened in our relationship. How we met in that store in Oxford Street as my mom was in the fitting room, how he took me to his friend's house on our first date so we will be alone, how he sang to me every time we were alone in his house, how he made me smile and how he made me feel. I've never felt this way before. I've never loved someone that much.

Harry told me everything and it made me feel bad with myself that I'm keeping my past in a secret. I can't do this any longer! I must tell Harry! If Harry loves me as much as I love him, he will be there for me and he will understand that it is hard for me to talk about it. 

Harry came to my hotel. It was the first time I told him to come to my hotel room. This was it. I was about to tell him.

I opened the door as I heard a knock. Harry lifted me in the air as he hugged and kissed me.

We were sitting on my bed when I started talking.
"Harry, I know it should be a date and fun and everything but I have to tell you something." I looked him in the eyes and then on my hands. I almost cried. 
"Babe, what's wrong? Is everything ok? Please tell me... Maybe I can help... You know you can tell me everything..." Harry said and a tear went down on my cheek. 
"I... I want... I want to tell you but it's hard for me..." I said and now I was crying. Harry hugged me and tried to calm me down. 
"It's ok, I'm here, take your time, breathe, tell me when you're ready..." Harry put his hand on my chin and took my head up till I looked him in the eyes.

After a few minutes of quiet, I felt ready.

"When I was a little girl, I found out I have cancer. It changed my world. From a happy little girl I became sad and depressed. I started losing weight because of the treatment and the depression. I had no hair and no friends. After a few years I healed and my hair started growing again. I was still depressed and I still had no friends. So maybe I healed from cancer but I was anorexic. Everyone stayed away from me because of it. Thanks to my family, I gained weight and healed from the anorexia too. I thought I will stay alone forever after all that hate I've got from people. But then I met you..." I cried but smiled when I said the last sentence.
"The most important thing is that now you're healthy! And I want you to know that no matter what, I will always be there for you! I promise that I will never leave you as long as I'm alive! No matter if you're healthy or sick and no matter how you look! I love you just the way you are!" Harry said and smiled at me with his amazing smile and those dimples. 
"I love you!" I whispered in his ear as I hugged him.

It was late and we both were tired so Harry stayed in my hotel room for the night. 

When I woke up, Harry was still asleep. I decided to get ready for breakfast and then to make Harry wake up. I took a short shower and brushed my teeth. Then I looked in the closet and I picked a light skinny jeans with holes and a red t-shirt. I wore the cloths I picked and put my black sneakers. I fixed my hair and put it in a ponytail. I was ready. Harry was still asleep. He looked like an angle. He is my angle. 

"Harry?" I said quietly next to his ear. Harry opened his beautiful green eyes and looked at me. I smiled and he smiled at me back.
"Good morning beautiful" Harry said as he stretched his arms.
"Good morning angle" I said and sat on the bed next to him. I looked out of the window when I heard Harry's voice.
"Move in with me!" Harry said. I was shocked. It was unexpected. A total surprise. I turned my head from the window so I would look at him. I looked at him and I just couldn't talk.
"Move in with me! What do you think?" Harry repeated.
"I... I'm speechless!" I said and I just couldn't believe what has just happened.
"So is it yes or no?" Harry said as I haven't answered him.
"Yes!" I said. Harry hugged and kissed me. I was so happy that Harry feels what I feel. 

Harry was getting ready to go eat breakfast and I used this time to call my mom.

"Hello?" Mom answered the phone.
"Mom! I'm moving in with Harry! He just asked me to move in with him!" I said excitedly.
"Oh my god! I'm so happy for you two!" Mom said. I heard in her voice that she really meant it. She was really happy for us. 
"Thanks mom! Well I just called to tell you about it and now we're going to eat breakfast. I'll call you later! I love you! Bye!" I said as I saw Harry fixing his hair.
"I love you too! Bye!" Mom said and hang up the phone.

As soon as Harry finished fixing his hair, we went to the hotel's dinning room. We ate breakfast and when we finished we went back to my hotel room.

We were sitting on the bed and we thought what to do today. At the end Harry came up with the idea of taking all of my things from the hotel to his house, our house. I had only the suitcase I came with and the things I bought while I was in London so we knew it wouldn't take a long time to take everything to the house. We took all the bags and my suitcase to Harry's car and I checked out of the hotel. 
We were on our we to the house when we decided to go to the park and eat some ice cream first. It was a beautiful day and it was early so we had all day in front of us and we thought that Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall will probably still asleep so we didn't want to wake them up.

We bought some ice cream and sat on the grass in the park. Suddenly, Harry heard a familiar song. It came up from the radio of the old man who was sitting on the bench.

"It's our song!!!" Harry said and jumped with joy.
"What do you mean when you say 'our song'?" I asked without knowing what's going on.
"It's 'Autumn's Laugh'!!!" Harry said.
"OH MY GOD!!!!" I screamed. We were so excited! 'Autumn's Laugh' just finished recording their third single and it was already played on one of the most famous radio stations in the UK! 

As soon as the song was over we went to the car and went home. We had to tell everyone about it!

We came home and saw Niall in the kitchen. 

"Niall! 'Autumn's Laugh' was on the radio!" Harry yelled from the door.
"I know! I heard that!" Niall said while he ate something unknown.
"Really!? 'Autumn's Laugh' was on the radio!?" Louis asked as he ran downstairs towards us and Liam and Zayn were right behind him.
"Yes!!!!" Harry and Niall said.

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