My Strength

Even though she had hard times in the past, Stav decided to move on and to live her life like any other teenaged girl. Going out, finding the love of her life and finding out who her real friends are.
She doesn't know what will happen next and how her boyfriend, the love of her life, will react when she'll tell him about her past.
Surprises and memories come from everywhere - for the best and for the worst.


4. Just Dance

We were all so excited about the amazing way 'Autumn's Laugh' is doing. 

"Guys help me with the bags!" Harry said.
"Bags?" Zayn raised his eyebrows.
"What bags?" Liam asked.
"Yeah... What bags?" Niall said.
"Harry, what's going on?" Louis joined to the question.
"Stav is moving in with us!" Harry said and winked at me. I smiled at the ground.
"Yayyyy!!! Little carrot is moving in with us!!!" Louis jumped up and down and then he jumped on Harry. 
"Cool! So I guess you'll meet Dani tonight!" Liam said with a smile and caught his necklace in his hand. I'm not sure why he held his necklace but I think Dani bought it for him. And if I'm right and Dani really bought it for him, that is just too cute and romantic. It's a side of Liam that I've never seen before.
"Dani and El are living here too." Harry told me when the guys went to the car to take my bags. Since I met the guys almost a month ago, I heard about Dani and El a lot but I've never met them. Harry said they are really nice and that he is sure we'll get along. I hope he is right. 

The guys took all of my bags from the car to Harrys' room.
I asked them if they need help but they said it's ok so I went to Harry's room.

I was absolutely shocked! It was so clean and organized! I didn't think Harry's room will be so clean, organized and decorated. I never even thought it's possible to have such a perfect room! There was a king sized bed with blue covers which was a perfect match to the blue horizontal stripe on the walls and closet. Everything in the room was blue and white, my favorite colors.

Suddenly, I noticed a framed picture on the chest of drawers next to the bed. It was a picture of Harry and I with Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis from my birthday. I smiled. 

"It's amazing how I can see you smile even though you're with your back to me." I heard Harry behind me. I turned around and laughed. Harry smiled and came closer to me. He came closer and closer till we were so close that I felt his warm breath and smell his perfume. I stopped laughing and looked into Harrys' eyes. His amazing green eyes were shining and his smile was perfect as always. I put my hands around his neck and kissed him. This was the most passionate kiss we even had. Harry put his hands around my waists exactly how I liked he did. 

A knock on the door interrupted us. It was Liam.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I just wanted to say that the girls are here." Liam said and went out.
"The girls?" I asked confused.
"Dani, El and Perrie." Harry said and I gave him a look of 'who the hell are they!?' and he laughed.
"Dani is Liam's girlfriend, El is Louis's and Perrie is Zayn's..." Harry smiled as he saw the look on my face changes to a 'now I get it' look.
"OK" I said and smiled.
"Would you like to organize your things right now or tomorrow? Cause everyone will probably want to go out..." Harry asked as he was sitting on the bed.
"Mmmm... I want to say now but I'm gonna say tomorrow. Lets go out with everyone." I said and I knew that's what Harry wanted me to say.
"Yay! Oh we should go downstairs so you'll meet the girls!" Harry was excited. I chuckled.
"Yeah we should." I said with a smile. Harry got up of the bed, took my hand, kissed me on the cheek and lead me to the living room.

"Hello Harry! Stav..." One of the girls said as we got to the living room. I was shocked. I knew her. It was Danielle Peazer. I hated her!

In my past, I had only 3 things in my life: my family, music and dance. 

I danced alone and I had a private dancing teacher. Thanks to my teacher I competed in international competitions. I always was second. Always got the silver medals. Why? Because of her! Because of Danielle! And not only that I was second, she always laughed at me. Because of my weight, my hair, my sicknesses and because I had no friends. She was my enemy! I hated her the most when I broke my leg because of her. She ruined my dance career.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" I whispered in Harrys ear.
"Yeah, sure love" Harry whispered back in my ear and we went back to Harrys room.

"Is there something wrong, babe?" Harry asked.
"If I knew 'Dani' is Danielle Peazer, I would have locked myself in this room and go outside only when she's not here!" I said, almost screaming, but I knew Harry didn't know and she was downstairs so I controlled myself and just said it.
"Wait a second. I missed here something. Do you already know each other!?" Harry seemed confused.
"Yes! In the past, she bullied me and ruined my dance career!" I said. I held myself so hard, trying not to shout or cry.
"Really!? Cause Danielle I know will never do something like that." Harry said. He was shocked.
"Well, she did. Is it OK for you that I'll stay here and won't go out tonight? I really can't see her face right now." I said.
"I'll stay with you." Harry said with a smile.
"No! Go out! Have fun! I don't want to ruin your night!" I said and I meant every word.
"I can't have fun without you! You're the reason for the smile on my face... I'll stay with you. We'll have fun here together. Or we can go out with everyone if you'll change your mind." Harry said and it was the sweetest thing someone ever told me.
"Fine! We'll go out with everyone! But just because I don't know the other girls. And you are the sunshine that makes my day!" I gave up. I didn't want to ruin Harrys night and I guess that was the only way to see if Danielle is still the same Danielle from the past. I really hope she's different. I kissed Harry and we went back to the living room. 

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