My Strength

Even though she had hard times in the past, Stav decided to move on and to live her life like any other teenaged girl. Going out, finding the love of her life and finding out who her real friends are.
She doesn't know what will happen next and how her boyfriend, the love of her life, will react when she'll tell him about her past.
Surprises and memories come from everywhere - for the best and for the worst.


2. 'Autumn's Laugh'

Harry and I went inside the karaoke bar. Harry's friends were sitting next to a table at the other side of the bar.
We went towards their table and sat down with them.

"Harry go sing! You're an amazing singer! You have to go and sing something!" I said as the owner of the bar said that the karaoke will begin in 5 minutes.
"Ok! But only if Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall will come and sing with me!" Harry said and looked at them.
"Come on guys! Go sing with Harry! For me?" I tried to convince them as I saw they don't want to.
"Lets go sing! If the little carrot wants us to sing, we will sing!" Louis said.
"For the birthday girl!" Zayn said.
"Sing 'She will be loved' by Maroon 5! I love this song!" I said and they all agreed.

They all went on stage and the music started.

"Beauty queen of only 18 
She have some troubles with herself
He was there to help her
She, always belonged to someone else." Niall sang and looked at me. He had a beautiful voice. I could feel every word he sang and I just felt so bad with myself.

After Niall sang the first verse, I couldn't concentrate in the rest of the song. I heard every word in the song and their amazing voices but my thoughts of Niall took over me. I had to talk to him. Harry had to talk to him.

As soon as they finished, I hugged each one of them and told them they were amazing. 

"Harry, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked Harry. I just couldn't move on.
"Sure babe." Harry said and we went to one of the tables there.
"Listen, Niall sang the first verse of the song and looked at me. I felt every word he said. He really meant it. We both have to talk to him. To tell him that he will find the girl of his dreams someday. To let him know that I'm not the girl of his dreams and that I'm will never be." I said seriously.
"Fine. But let me talk to him first." Harry said.
"Sure, I'll go call him." I said and went towards Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam.

"Niall, Harry wants to talk to you. He's right over there." I said and showed Niall where's Harry is sitting.
"Ok, thanks." Niall said and went to Harry's table.

"What's going on?" Zayn asked.
"Let's don't talk about it. Ask them when they'll come back." I said as I didn't know if they want me to tell the others or not.
"Ok." Zayn shrugged.
"Seriously, you guys were amazing!!!" I said.
"Well, this is what we do. We're singers." Louis said.
"What!? Harry told me he is working in a bakery!!" I was shocked! Harry lied to me!
"He worked in a bakery but he quit yesterday after we signed a contract in a records label." Liam said.
"So you're in a band? All of you?" I asked and wanted to kill Harry for not telling me!
"Yeah! And we already recorded a song! And we will record songs for the next couple of weeks!" Zayn said with excitement.
"You're gonna be the best band in the world! Remember what I'm saying!" I said.
"Don't worry, we will remember!" Louis laughed.
"So what's the name of the band!?" I asked.
"We don't have a name yet." Liam said.
"I think we should call the band 'Zayn And The Potatoes'!!!" Zayn said and I laughed because of Louis and Liam's reaction.
"Why won't you call your band 'Autumn's Laugh'?" I said as a joke.
"I love it! Little carrot you are smart!" Louis said.
"Seriously!? I was joking!!" I said and laughed. I think everyone in the bar looked at me because I laughed so hard.
"Well, it original, and I love it too!" Zayn said and I saw Liam nodding in agreement.

Harry and Niall came back to our table.

"Everything is ok now." Harry whispered in my ear.
"Good! I'm happy!" I said with a smile.
"Harry! Niall! Listen! We have a name for the band!" Louis was excited and I started laughing again.
"And that is the name!" Zayn said and pointed at me while I laughed.
"What do you mean?" Niall asked.
"The name of our band is 'Autumn's Laugh'!!!" Liam jumped in his seat.
"I love it!" Harry said.
"Cool!" Niall said.
"Just so you'll know, I said it as a joke!" I had to say it because it was the truth! Everyone laughed and I laughed with them because it was so funny.

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