My Strength

Even though she had hard times in the past, Stav decided to move on and to live her life like any other teenaged girl. Going out, finding the love of her life and finding out who her real friends are.
She doesn't know what will happen next and how her boyfriend, the love of her life, will react when she'll tell him about her past.
Surprises and memories come from everywhere - for the best and for the worst.


5. A New Chapter In Life

"Stav? Can we talk?" Danielle asked me as Harry and I came into the living room. To be honest, I was a little scared from what she wanted to say. "Yeah, sure." I said with a fake smile.   I went after her as she walked outside the back door. I closed the door behind me so no one will hear our conversation and leaned on it. I looked at Danielle.   "Listen, I'm sorry about everything I did. I was wrong and I'm sorry." Danielle looked at the ground. It sounded like she really meant it but I know she doesn't understand what she did to me. "Danielle..." I sighed. "You have to understand, what I've been through was hard enough and all the things you did to me made it even harder. But the worst thing is that you knew exactly who I am and what happened to me. You knew everything. You were the only one, apart from my family, who knew everything. And yet you did what you did. You knew I have only 3 things in my life and it didn't keep you from breaking my leg and making those 3 things I had into 2! I had so many thoughts and feelings afterwards and I barely handled it. I focused on the music just so I'll forget everything. Now I have 4 things in my life - my family, music, Harry and the guys sitting in the living room. That's it. When I saw you sitting there, I was shocked. It reminded me all of the memories I've tried to forget. I won't forgive you. I'll ignore. I'll ignore the past. Forgiveness is for strong people but ignoring is for smart people. I know it will be harder to forgive so I'll just ignore. We'll turn over a new leaf but you'll have to show me you've changed. It's your only chance." I said. I was serious. I made my decision. I'll be smart and ignore. "Thank you! I will show you I've changed." Danielle said and jumped on me with a hug. "I really want to have fun tonight so lets go!" I said with a smile and we went back to the living room.   We came inside the living room. Only Harry and Liam were there. Where were everyone? They were sitting right there a few minutes ago! What the hell is going on!?   "Where is everyone?" Danielle asked Liam and Harry. She read my mind. "Niall is upstairs and the others went out already." Harry said. "We waited for you to come back. Now we can go too." Liam continued Harry. "Wait, why is Niall upstairs? Isn't he coming?" I asked. Niall was my best friend from the guys. We had our own jokes, we played the guitars together and we sang too. We were like brothers, we were like little kids who misbehave. "He just said he's staying home tonight." Liam said. "And when we asked him why he just said he's not in the mood. It was weird." Harry continued Liam. "Yeah, that's weird." Danielle agreed with Harry. "Wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes!" I said and ran before anyone could have said something.   I ran upstairs and opened Nialls door forcefully. He looked at me with fear in his eyes. Poor little Niall, I scared him to death. Niall was sitting next to the desk with his laptop.   "Did I scared you?" I asked from the door. I smiled and giggled a bit. "You gave me a heart attack!" Niall said and I just laughed. "Sorry... Anyway, Harry and Liam just told me and Danielle that you're staying here and not going out with us, is it true?" I asked Niall as I walked inside his room. "Yeah... I'm not in the mood to go out tonight..." Niall said and looked back at the laptops screen. "Niall... What's wrong? What happened?" I leaned on the desk and looked at him. "I just think that if I want to be alone I can be alone here without watching 4 couples in front of me and reminding me that I'm single." Niall said as he looked me in the eyes and I saw it was hard for him. It seemed like he's about to cry. "I'm sure you'll find the love of your life when the time will come... I'm also sure that if you won't come with us, it won't be as fun as usual and you might meet there the love of your life... So what do you think, will you come with us?" I asked and made my puppy face. "I... I... I don't know..." Niall was thinking. "Please? For me?" I asked and tried my puppy face again. "OK! But only because you said it won't be fun without me! And because of you cute puppy face..." Niall gave up! He's coming!   I took my phone out of my pocket and texted Harry: "Tell everyone not to act like couples! I mean, no kissings or anything like that! Just to act like friends! Don't ask why, just tell everyone! - ILY <3 x"   "Lets go downstairs, Harry, Liam and Danielle are waiting for us." I said, took Nialls hand and dragged him towards to door. "Ouch! You don't have to drag me! I'm coming!" Niall whined. "Oops, sorry Nialler! Just come already and stop whining!" I said and released Nialls hand.   I ran back to the living room and Niall walked behind me. When I came to the living room, I saw Liam and Danielle sitting on the couch. Harry wasn't there.   "Where's Harry?" I asked. "He told us not to act like a couple and that he had to make an urgent phone call." Danielle said. "He's in the kitchen." Liam said and pointed towards the kitchen. Niall finally came to the living room, we were lucky that he didn't hear it.   I went to the kitchen to make sure everything's OK.   Harry was on the phone and I didn't want to interrupt so I waited.   Harry hang up the phone.   "Is everything OK?" I asked. "Yeah, I just talked with everyone to make sure they will act like friends and not like couples, just as you asked." Harry said and smiled. "You're the best!" I said and jumped on Harry with a hug. "Now can you explain everything?" Harry asked. "Niall agreed to come with us tonight. He didn't want to come because he is the only one who is single. But I told him that he will find the love of his life when the time will come." I said and Harrys smile grew. "You're amazing, you know?" Harry said. "Thanks love. Now lets go!" I said.    I took Harrys hand and we went to the living room.   "Are you ready to party!?" I said loudly as Harry and I came inside the living room. "Lets go!!!" Danielle said and got up from the couch. Liam and Niall got up from the couch as well and we all went towards the car.    Harry locked the door and we all got into the car. Liam was driving and I sat next to him. Danielle sat between Niall and Harry, behind me and Liam.   We got to the restaurant bar after a few minutes. We came inside and saw Zayn, Perrie, Louis and Eleanor sitting next to the table and waiting for us. We went to the table and sat with them.  

"Niall! You're here! You came!" Louis said happily.
"Yeah, I came..." Niall said.

"Harry! You haven't introduced your girlfriend yet!" One of the girls said. I laughed. I knew their names but I didn't know who is Perrie and who is Eleanor. "Hey, my name is Stav." I said to the girls who asked. "It's really nice to meet you! I'm Perrie." She said in return.  "Hey Stav, I'm Eleanor!" The other girl said. I have to admit that they were both gorgeous! "It's really nice to meet you." I smiled.    

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