Charlies New World

This is a story about my character Charlie Tiberius of Ultima Online.


1. Charlies Skara Story

A new warrior was brought into Britannia in the chills of autumn, her name is Charlie she has many tales and continues to make them everyday, with new friends along with new enemies. She was born in Skara Brae many years ago in the early winter about a new moon from the Winter Solstice. Her family was divided and her childhood rough, but that is not her stories, some shall be recalled as she lives them, but for now let her tell you of her beginning warrior days of Sosaria.

Almost two years ago I desired to raise a blade for Sosaria as some call this land I live in but most call it simply Britannia. It was a very complicated thing to do to learn the art of a warrior, you have to practically change your entire personality, and I did this many a times. I began in the major city of the King, Britain, I learned beginning arts of swords from teachers but the most important rules of a warrior’s life came from numerous friends. I began my hard-core training against real monsters in the graveyard; there it was crawling with the unrested deceased. It weakened me more than I had expected. I had to leave numerous times one time though I came outside the gates to regain my warrior composure and looked up to see a strong, glorious looking man. Donned in nothing but the best armor, shining in the sun like a diamond. He helped to heal me and get me back to my feet; I thanked him and explained what I was trying to do. He handed me a check for gold and a new weapon and armor. I was in awe of his generosity and thanked him and asked what I could do for him, he said simply to do for others the same. From that day forward I have been known as generous to all.

He had told me before he had left that he will help me train more and that he did I was extremely grateful to this warrior, then I noticed his sash. He was a member of a guild and that guild I remembered for a long time, which was Purple Guardians of Honor. Also the man whom I found his name to be Doddz, and him I found was always a part of my life no matter when and how.




I had spent much time with Doddz and the time I wasn’t with him I practiced continually so much so that my hands became calloused. I decided to travel about the land, I’ve heard much about this area called Haven, a land for new warriors like myself. I was there for some time but then went to my hometown of Skara Brae. I loved Skara; to me it was the most peaceful and wondrous place. Full of music at every corner, a land of archers and fishers, an island so beautiful that it made my heart…..

Wait who was this dark stranger I see before me, dressed completely in black, a small goatee, dark hair and piercing red eyes, like blood, he was a person who made me uneasy. A young man, younger than I by a couple years. Mounted on a giant beetle, he approached me, I tried to keep a confident composure but I doubt that’s what was portrayed.

“You’re new around here aren’t you? “, he asked.

“Yes,” I replied “, I’ve just begun training in swords.”

“I noticed you were a new warrior, it’s rather easy to see.” He laughed. “I am Aralo The Mage.” Then he bowed.

“ Nice to meet you,” I said still staring at those blood-red eyes, “ I’m trying to build up my experience but was going to turn in for the night “, the sky was turning dark blue above and the moon started to cut into the sky.

“ Well let me buy you a drink first.” He smiled and led me to the Inn.

We walked through the door; he had tied his pet blue beetle outside. Inside he had bought us a couple of drinks each and we both became silly, dancing about on the tables, stumbling about on the floors. We wound up actually talking for hours. He then got up from his bench and apparently he was feeling sobered up because his walk and talk were straight. He said he was about to leave but he had one question to ask me before he left…

Aralo got to one knee, took my hand and asked me, “Charlie will you marry me?” I was astonished and asked if he was joking. He stared at me with the purest and most sincere look those red eyes could give and continued, “you make me feel special, and like I’m not strange and I believe I am in love with you.”

I almost fell to the floor in disbelief, I stuttered and just looked to him as if trying to find something; I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

He then said to me “before you answer I must tell you something most don’t and can’t know …” he turned his head away “ I am …. ” He whispered, “a vampire, and if you do not wish to know me anymore; I will understand.”

I saw now this man beyond the fearful red eyes; he was just as nice and considerate as any other. “Yes.” I said to him as my heart rose. He looked up to me from his knee, still holding my hand. “I will marry you.” I told him more positively than anything I’ve done thus far. I saw he was more than some vampire, more than an evil red-eyed man; he was not evil at all, just misunderstood by his appearance.

He stood and let out a WHOOT! He began dancing again, then said he will get me the most beautiful ring, and continued to dance. He said also that he will meet me here tomorrow at the inn and we shall talk more. I smiled; he gave me a kiss and was off “good night Charlie. I will be here tomorrow for you. ”

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