The Names BIEBER

Its Kaite Howards first year in the small town of Stratford, Ontario. She is a senior along with her newly made best friend Abby Martinez. Kaite is the shy, quiet, bookworm, while her friend Abby is the life of a party. Abby got an invite to a party and decided to drag Kaite with her, while shes there, she meets a handsome, atractive, mysterious, dangerous boy. The only thing she knows is to avoid a boy named "Bieber"....


12. Ugh! Chapter 10 cont.


"Do you always have to smoke? I'm suffocating in here." I grumbled.


"Excuse me? It's my car and I can do what ever the fuck I want to do." He growled. I wonder what happened to the fun playful Justin I just experienced seconds ago? I decided its best to keep my thoughts to myself, so for the rest of the car ride it was silent. Justin pulled up to my house. I grabbed my bag when I heard the doors lock.


"Uh Justin? This is my house. Let me out please." I asked, slightly annoyed.  I heard his seat squeak slightly. I felt soft warm fingers lift my face up.


 "Stop hiding behind your hair Katie. You're beautiful." He said stroking my cheek with his fingers. I bit my lip before I said something I wasn't meant to say.

 "Let me take you out tomorrow night Shawty." Justin's eyes were smoldering. His dark eyes dissolving slightly, revealing a beautiful liquid-Carmel color. "Please." His voice bringing me chills. He leaned forward, my breath hitching in my throat. Justin places tiny butterfly kisses on my neck, leading up-to my cheek. I still haven't taken a breath. His kisses were hot. It felt like they were burned onto my skin. 

 "So what do you say Katie?" He purred. I didn't think I could speak, so I nodded my head yes.     "That's my girl. I'll see you tomorrow night baby." Justin unlocked the doors, and I slowly got out of the car. I turned to walk away but a hand grabbed mine.

 "Give me your number." Justin growled. So I handed him my phone and he typed in his number. I walked away, making it to my front door before his beautifully, haunting voice followed me.

 "Make sure you text me. I'll be waiting." He rolled up his windows and sped off.


Great. I just realized I had a date with Justin Bieber, Stratford's most wanted.   






im pretty sure you all hate me, and I'm so sorry!  I've just gotten so busy and I've kinda had writers block! I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen. Anyways! I love you guys and thank you for all the support! Keep doing your thang & I'll keep writing (; <3 Always Believe my darlings. Love you, and until next update! ❤

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