The Names BIEBER

Its Kaite Howards first year in the small town of Stratford, Ontario. She is a senior along with her newly made best friend Abby Martinez. Kaite is the shy, quiet, bookworm, while her friend Abby is the life of a party. Abby got an invite to a party and decided to drag Kaite with her, while shes there, she meets a handsome, atractive, mysterious, dangerous boy. The only thing she knows is to avoid a boy named "Bieber"....


1. School

Katies P.O.V

"KATIE! GET UP OR YOURE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!' My moms voice rang through the house. I groaned loudley, glancing at my clock as I rolled over. It read 5:30. Mad that i had to get out of my warm bed, I hollerd back down to my mom saying...

    " MOM! It's only 5:32!'

    " You take so long getting ready though!'

 I sighed, knowing she was right, so i grabbed my fluffy towel and turned on the shower. The warm water woke me up, stimulating my senses. The bad thing about showers is that you satnd there zoning out, thinking about every little deatil about every little thing.

When i got out of the shower, the time read 6:00am. Crap, i thought. My boyfriend Trevor, is comming to pick me up for school at 6:30. I started to blow dry my long blonde hair, and started thinking about what to wear. I finished drying my hair the same time i thought of my outfit. I dropped my towel to the floor and got dressed in my boyfriends hoodie and ice blue skinnys. I slipped on some TOMS. God, i love TOMS so much. I piled my hair into a messy, but cute bun. I applied some mascara and foundation, put on my glasses, and stared at the person in the mirror.

There are some days where i actually feel pretty, today was kinda one of those days. The girl in the mirror, looked classic, her naturally blonde hair shining, her grey eyes percing and enlarged from the glasses. I smiled, knowing that my baby will be here any minute. A quick glance at the clock alerting me that it was 6:20. Only 6:20? I thought, I then broke out into another smile because i beat my own personal record.


I jumped on my bed, picking up the book I was currently reading. The book is Titled Born At Midnight and I just started it yesterday. It was captivating because I related so well with the main charecter. I still had my phone on silent so i missed Trevors call. I hear a knock on my door, " Go away mom! Im just waiting for Trevor to get here." Still, the person knocked again and I sighed, bookmarking my page and getting up to open my room door, curious to who was on the other side.

I opened it and there was Trevor, smiling his cute, cheesy grin at me. I blushed.

   "Hey baby." He smiled, opening his arms.

  "Hey." I responded by sticking my tounge out and cuddling up against him. He smelled of Hollister and Axe. He pulled away and studied before he kissed me.

   "You look beautiful," Trevor told me. "As always." I blushed and looked down. You see, its Trevor who always looked good because he was a jock, and reputation was EVERYTHING in high school. I still dont see how he couldve asked me out. Hes the boy everyone wants, the 'perfect' boyfriend. He has ocean blue eyes, a muscular figure from playing sports, short spiked up blonde hair. Hes a bit bipolar too, but I still like him. "I like the jacket babe," He winked. "but i think its time to leave for school, considering we might be late." I nodded in agreement, grabbed my purse, shouted to my mom that I was going and off we left.





---------------------------------------------------------------- Author Note----------

Hey guys! Sorry about the kinda long bored 1st chapter. I PROMISE you that it will get good starting next chapter! Anyways, how did you like it? Please leave feedback, Ill update tomarrow.  Sorry if i have some bad grammar issues, i spell like a 2nd grader. Any ideas you guys want to see? Im such a newbe, but i would appreaciate it if you guys would like it or leave comments (: xoxo Maddy- Twitter: @TheSwaggBieber <3

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