The Names BIEBER

Its Kaite Howards first year in the small town of Stratford, Ontario. She is a senior along with her newly made best friend Abby Martinez. Kaite is the shy, quiet, bookworm, while her friend Abby is the life of a party. Abby got an invite to a party and decided to drag Kaite with her, while shes there, she meets a handsome, atractive, mysterious, dangerous boy. The only thing she knows is to avoid a boy named "Bieber"....


3. Getting Down On Friday

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Katie POV

      I sat in the back of history, eagerly waiting for the bell to ring. I couldn't wait for tonight! I felt my phone vibrate, pulling me out of my fantasy land. I unlocked my phone, looking up casually to see if the teacher was glancing my way, lucky for me, she was still writing notes on the board.

 Abby- I want to take you shopping after school, you down?

A smile spread across my face. Finally, some best friend bonding. I couldn't wait. I typed my reply and sent it. I snuck a glance at the clock, it read 1:10. YES, I thought, only two more minutes.



 " Ms. Howards. Have you even been paying attention the last 10 minutes? Or have you been snoozing in lala land?" My physics teacher's voice echoed through the room, causing kids to snicker.



 "Sorry Mrs. Noreen..."



"I expect better from you. You be__" The bell cut her off in mid-sentence. I gathered up my belongings and rushed out the door, earning a glare from the teacher. I practically flew through the hallways, eager to find my girlfriend. The sun felt nice after the chilly morning, so I shrugged off my jacket, exposing my skin to the warmth of the sun.



 "KAITE!!" I turned around and saw Abby walking towards me. I started heading over but got yanked back into a strong pair of arms.




" Hey baby" Trevor groaned into my ear. " How was your day today?"



 I pecked his cheek, " It was great, how was yours?"




"Mine was good, now its even better because I get to see you." I blushed, a faint color of scarlet. Suddenly there was another tug on my arm. I turned to see Abby, looking slightly annoyed.


"Not today Trevor, you can see her later at the party." Abby grumbled, dragging ,me out of his grip. I gave him a quick peck and waved goodbye, following Abby to her car.


" When this trip is over, you will have a new wardrobe and everything. I've been dying for some girl time with you Katie." She exclaimed happily.




" Me too girl. Me too." I smiled at her.




We Finally made our way to her car, a black Dodge charger. I jumped in the passenger seat, accidentally squeaking my butt on the leather. We looked at each other and then burst out into a fit of laughter and a long conversation that lasted the whole drive there.


  Shopping took 3 hours as we raided Forever 21, Rue 21, Tillys, and Charlotte Ruse. We left the mall at 6, making sure we had plenty of time to get ready for the party. Abby stopped by Ulta to buy another pallet of NAKED and some glitter eye shadow. She parked her car in my driveway,

 "Lets start on your makeover Barbie." She said winking at me. I stuck my tounge out at her, she just laughed and smacked my shoulder. Making sure we had everything, we made our way up to my porch and into my house.

  My house was decent size, painted in a lovely ocean blue color and decorated with brown flooring and white furniture. We made our way up the stairs, stopping by the bathroom to turn on the curling iorn and spread the makeup all over the counter. Turning down the hall we enter my room. Its a soft-colored purple and going around my room are clear lights, which were framed around my bookshelf and some very inspirational quotes on the walls.

 We threw the bags down on the floor, making it look like a tornado hit my room.

    " Alright, lets get started." Abby cheered while cuing up the music. The song "Bulletproof" - By Titanium came out. I squealed and clapped my hands. I started singing the chours at the top of my lungs, Abby joining in while she was working on curling my hair. After that, she gave me a flawless light-brown smoky eye topped off with glitter. She gave me a wink when she picked out my dress for me, a simple skin tight, short dress that fit my body in all the right places. I smiled, thrilled and proud of how I looked.

 " Damn Mama, every boy will be wanting a piece of you." Abby stated, lifting her eyebrow.


" Oh stop," I said slightly embarrassed. " Ill do your hair while you do your makeup, deal?"


  Abby nodded. " Deal."

  After 2 hours of doing ourselves up, we were finally ready. Abby took one last glance in the mirror, looking delighted with her long, curled, brown hair, her dark smoky eyes, and a short hot-pink dress which made her ass look huge.

    " DAT ASS." I said smacking it.


   "Hey!" She slapped me, laughing. " That's reserved and its not for you." I stood back and laughed.


" LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED"  I yelled as we grabbed our matching stilettoes while waking out the front door. We jumped in Abby's car, and off we drove to the party.


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