The Names BIEBER

Its Kaite Howards first year in the small town of Stratford, Ontario. She is a senior along with her newly made best friend Abby Martinez. Kaite is the shy, quiet, bookworm, while her friend Abby is the life of a party. Abby got an invite to a party and decided to drag Kaite with her, while shes there, she meets a handsome, atractive, mysterious, dangerous boy. The only thing she knows is to avoid a boy named "Bieber"....


13. Ch. 11 ~ Crap



   The final bell rang, releasing me from hell. Although, I'm not sure what's worse, school or the fact that I have a date with Justin Bieber tonight. My heart stuttered at the thought of being alone with him. Anything could go wrong. I made a quick stop at my locker, grabbing my books and continuing out the front of the school. I stopped to take out my earbuds when I heard the whispers. 


"Why is he here?"


"I wonder who's stuck in his web this time."


"He has a fine car."


"He's so perfect."



 I rolled my eyes at the comments, looking up to see who's the cause of this hullabaloo. I gasped, what is he doing here? I should've known they were talking about him. My eyes gulped up the pitch-black range rover and the silhouette leaning against it. I debated on wether or not I should walk over to him when I heard a voice shout my name. 


"Katie!" The voice boomed, causing the gossip to stop and everyone to stare at me. I hate being the center of attention so I started to walk away. The footsteps behind me alerted me that he was following. Why does everything bad happen to me? 


"Katie." His velvety voice whispered into my ear. My heart faltered. 


"What Justin?" My voice cracked.


"Get in the car." His warm breath hit my face, my nose in taking his scent, causing goosebumps to appear on my arms.


  "No!" I blurted out. His smile grew until it turned into a twisted smirk. His eyes got tad bit darker and with no warning he swept me off my feet, literally, and threw me over his shoulder.


  "Justin!" I screeched, hearing some of the students snickering, while I pounded a rhythm on his back. "Put me down now!"


  "Nope." He laughed. I was still pounding on his back until he threw me into his car. I tried to get out but he locked me in, meaning I have no escape. I took a glance outside to see the whole school in shock. I picked out Abby's face, an expression of fear taking on her features. 


I didn't even realize that Justin had gotten in the car until I felt his fingers grab ahold of my chin. I flinched away from his touch. He chuckled darkly. 


  "You're scared of me?" I nodded, not trusting my voice to speak.


  "Good, that's how it should be." He grumbled. I sat in silence as he revved his engine & sped away from the school.





  It kind of hurt that she flinched away from me, partly because no girl has ever been afraid of my touch, unless they pissed me off. I shrugged the thought out of my head. Justin Bieber does not have feelings for anyone. I snook a glance at her. She actually looked pretty cute with her hair up and a cute Mickey Mouse shirt on. Her eyes were quite beautiful, grey with swirls of blue. I smiled at the thought of undressing her. I licked my lips, a desire started to grow.


  "Justin?" Her sweet voice rang out. "Where are you taking me?"



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