The Names BIEBER

Its Kaite Howards first year in the small town of Stratford, Ontario. She is a senior along with her newly made best friend Abby Martinez. Kaite is the shy, quiet, bookworm, while her friend Abby is the life of a party. Abby got an invite to a party and decided to drag Kaite with her, while shes there, she meets a handsome, atractive, mysterious, dangerous boy. The only thing she knows is to avoid a boy named "Bieber"....


16. AN

OMFG LOOK WHOS BACK!!!! I can finally start to update again! I am so sorry guys! I've just had no internet connection & I couldn't update on my phone & ugh. It just sucked.

BUT YAY IM BACK & ITS TIME FOR SOME MORE BIEBER! Missed you all & I'm working on the next update ASAP. Should be up tomorrow or on Monday! (; <3 possibly might be looking for a co author so if you're interested let me know!

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