Wolf Island: New Prince Of Deathshadow

((Book 1)) A new pup arrives to the pack. He is known as Prince Zachary. He thinks being in a pack is all fun and games, but learns that the pack life is much harder than he thought....


3. Chapter 2

   Zachary jumps up from a loud boom. Was that thunder? He looks outside from where he was and sees no clouds in the sky. He just saw the sunlight making its way into the cave. It looked about mid-day. Zachary was shaking and breathing heavily while keeping his eyes on the outside. Another loud boom went off making him jump backwards. He bumps into his mother, who was still lying on the ground behind him. He gasps and turns his head to her. She was staring outside in fear with her ears perked up high.

   "What was that, mom?" He asked. She kept her eyes left on outside. It looked like she was nothing, but a statue. He was worried. He was scared and worried. He kept his eyes locked on her until she answered. "Mom?" Zachary whispered.

   His mom finally snaps out of it and looks at him. "Yes?"

   "What was that noise?" he asks again.

   Linda was about to answer, but a howl from the camp echoed through the air. The she-wolf stood and causiously walked out of the cave and on the Leaning Rock. Zachary carefully followed his mother to the top of the Leaning Rock. He looks down at the camp and sees all the other wolves emerge from their dens and towards the enterance.

   Slowly, Triton came through the camp enterance with a wolf leaning against him. This male wolf was a chestnut brown. He was a big and tough looking wolf. He was one of the best warriors. Zachary notices blood dripping from the warrior's back leg. From the tears flowing out of his eyes, you could tell he was in deep pain.

   A light brown she-wolf made her way to the injured warrior. Carefully taking the warrior into her care. The brown wolf looks at her, hardly opening his eyes. He leaned against her as they made their way to the medicine wolf's den. Zachary's eyes go back to his father, who was leaping across the clearing to the Leaning Rock.

   "C'mon!" Linda told Zachary as she nuzzled her nose to his back. Zachary stood and walked along with his mother. Triton made his way to the top of the rock. Zachary and Linda sat behind him. Zachary watched the wolves sit under the Leaning Rock, waiting for Triton to tell what has been going on. Triton stood straight and tall and preparing to tell his speech.

   "Today, Hunters have been seen on the trail and terribly close to the camp." Triton hollered. Right then, the wolves below started to get worried and started to growl or whimper. "We all knew Hunting Season was near, but I never expected it to come this soon." Triton spoke over the crowd,"As you all know now, Warrior has been shot and terribly wounded. For years, Hunting Season has brought many wolves to their deaths and I can't risk losing more. Katie, Flame, my mate Linda, and I have decided to let the younger apprentices stay in and let the older ones, who are getting close to becoming true warriors, to hunt and patrol with the rest. No pups nor young apprentices may leave the camp grounds! Neither can the elders! I want all the she-wolves who have pups to stay in the nursery to protect and watch their young and that also goes for my pup Zachary and Linda. And we will have no night patrols!" He stops and bows his head, giving them the right to talk amongst them selves about who should leave for the morning patrol.

   Zachary stood there for a moment. I have to live in the nursery with my mom, he thought. "Zachary!" Zachary turns around and spots his mom walking down the stepping stones. He quickly followed her towards the nursery, close to her side. He looked around the clearing causiously. His father said the Hunters were close to the camp. He wondered if they were watching them walk across the clearing. He wondered if they were getting ready to fire at them and kill the both of them. Before he knew it, he was at the nursery. He made it alive.

   There's nothing you need to worry about, he thought. Your just losing your mind. You need to calm yourself down and don't worry about what's going on, because everything will be alright. There's nothing to be scared of, because nothing can hurt you.

   When they walked into the nursery, they found a place already for them so they settled down in thier spot. When they were comfortable, Linda licked her son's head. Zachary quickly backed away. "No, mom! I don't want a bath right now! I want to go play with the other pups!" He whined.

   His mother giggled. "You can't right now, darling! They are all resting as well." She looks around the nursery at all the pups lying down beside their mothers. Some of them were even getting groomed. They were all resting. Zachary felt disappointed. All he wanted to do was play with the other pups. He flatened his little grey ears and whined.

   "Zachary, come on! It's to dangerious out there right now, remember? Maybe around sunset you can." she smiles. Zachary lifts his head and sighs,"Fine!"

   He walks back over to his mom. He rubs his body against hers and slowly rests beside her. She reached over and started to groom him again. She licks his back lightly. Zachary whined quietly to himself so his mother wouldn't hear him. All he wanted to do was play with the other pups, but he never has. He really wanted to play fight with one of them like the ones from earlier that morning. He tried not to think about it, but that's all he wanted. He wanted to do what they were doing. He wanted to fight like a warrior. He wanted to be the warrior. He wants to become the best warrior there is. No! He wanted to be the best alpha in history.

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