Wolf Island: New Prince Of Deathshadow

((Book 1)) A new pup arrives to the pack. He is known as Prince Zachary. He thinks being in a pack is all fun and games, but learns that the pack life is much harder than he thought....


2. Chapter 1

   Zachary stumbled out of the cave and leaned over the rock. He watched some warriors and apprentices gather together near the camp enterance. They were getting ready to go on the morning patrol. Zachary's smile widened and watched the group run out the enterance and the tired night patrol walk in.

   "One day, you might join them." A deep, raspy voice spoke behind him. He spun around and noticed his tall father walking out of the cave. He was the alpha male and one day Zachary will grow up and take his place as leader. The black male wolf nuzzled his son on the head lovingly.

   "Really? I'll become a warrior one day?" Zachary squealed,"I can't wait!" Zachary jumped around his father's legs filled with joy. He felt his little grey nose bump against something fuzzy and hard. He fell over and opened his eyes to see his father's black paw. His eyes traveled up his legs until he met his father's eyes. Zachary could hear his father giggling between his lips.

   "Sorta!" he laughed,"You will have a little more responsibility than the others."

   Zachary sits down on the dirty rock and tilted his head to the side in confusion. "What do you mean 'more responsibility'? Don't you just have to hunt, walk around the borders, and fight in battles?" He asks, tilting his head a little further.

   His father's eyes widen as he tried to speak,"Well...Umm...yeah! Well, umm, you have to do more then just that and you don't have to do that as much as the warriors and the apprentices." He stands up and walks to the end of the rock. He stares down into the clearing at all his pack mates, then sits down without turning to his son. His lip curves into a slow smile. Zachary, still a little confused, stands up with his head still tilted and slowly walks to his father's side. His paws lightly hitting the surface of the rock. He stops and keeps his eyes on his father. Then, he looks out into the clearing and sits with his dad beside him. "You have to sacrifice your own life for your pack. As a leader, as an alpha, you would do any thing for the ones you love. " he continues, still looking at the clearing as if he was talking to just himself. "They're family. Our family."

   Zachary was hardly paying attention. His mind was focused on two pups playing outside the nursery. They were tumbling around. They were chewing on each others ears, swiping each other with there little paws, and hopping on top of each other. A little brown male-pup wagged its tail and jumps on top of the white male-pup with black spots. The white and black pup sinked into the tall grass as the brown pup stood up straight and tall with his fangs sharp and pointy. The two pups fought like warriors. Zachary wanted to go down there and play with them. He wanted to fight like a warrior, too. But he couldn't leave his dad.

   "Triton!" Someone shouted. Zachary and his father spin around and watch as a dark, tree bark brown male-wolf ran up the stepping stones. He was out of breathe and could hardly breath. Zachary remembered him. He was one of the wolves from the night patrol. Triton, the black alpha male, and Zachary walked up to there fellow pack mate.

   "Is everything okay, Shredder?" Triton asked, "Did the night patrol go okay?" Zachary looked at his father then quickly at the tired out warrior.

   Shredder breathed heavily, trying to get the words out. "Hunters..... On the trail..... There was four of them!" He huffed. "We saw them on our way back. We ran off before they could ever see us." His hazel eyes were the size of golf balls.

   Triton frowned. "It is getting close to hunting season," he sighed. "You and the others from the night patrol can rest. I'm going to go find the morning patrol and stay with them." Triton and Shredder bowed to each other, giving Shredder the right to leave. Zachary watched the brown warrior run down the stepping stones towards the apprentices den.

   "Linda!" Triton hollered, making Zachary jump. Out came the white alpha female, Zachary's mother, she walked out with a cheerful smile.

   "Watch over Zachary!" he hollered.

   "Why? What's going on?" she asked, losing the smile.

   "Hunters have been seen on the trail. I'm going to stay with the morning patrol just in case." That's all he said. He ran down the rocks and towards the enterance.

   Zachary looked over to his mother after he was gone. She smiled again. She was always so cheerful making her the beauty of the pack.

   She tilted her head to the cave,"C'mon! It's never safe when hunters are around the camp." She walked inside. Zachary looks over in the distance. The sky was a beautiful pink, orange, and dark blue. The trees were still green, but you could see different shades of brown, orange, yellow, and red mixed in. A cold breeze blew across his fur, giving him a chill. He stands up and trots inside the den. He looks at his mother lying herself down. Zachary trots over and cuddles down beside her, rubbing his head against her soft, snow white fur. Her fur was like a warm blanket, covering him up and blocking out all the cold air. He nuzzled her fur and drifted off to sleep in his mother's care.

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