Just the Nerd (Harry Styles)

Harry has thick rimmed glasses and is socially awkward. He is constantly bullied by the school jocks. The farthest he had gone with a girl was when he had to run the mile during gym class with a member of the opposite sex. Rated +16 for mature content in the future.


1. Maybe this school won't be that bad

"And Varsity High's prom queen is...."

"Skye Toulson!"

After a long thirty seconds of anticipation passed by I was finally crowned prom queen of my school. My name is Skye Toulson. I have long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I currently go to Varsity High school and I'm one of the co-captains of the cheerleading team there. I guess you can say I'm pretty popular. Just then my boyfriend of 4 years, Jake picked me up and carried me to the stage where I can receive my crown. I giggled furiously until he finally put me down in front of the microphone. The school principle carefully placed the plastic tacky crown on my head being sure not to ruin my hair that took hours to complete. He gave me a smile and a nod of approval and spoke into the microphone. "So Skye." he paused. "How does it feel to be Varsity High's prom queen!" The crowd erupted with shrieks and claps, mostly belonging to my cheer team. It wasn't much of a question, more of a statement but I was quick to answer anyways. 

"Well, it feels pretty damn good!" The crowd stormed again. "I'm a senior next year" I raised my fist in the air. "I got voted co-captain of next years cheer" The cheer squad of ten plus gorgeous girls clapped and squealed. "I have the best boyfriend!" My boyfriend sent me a quick wink in my direction. "So yes, this is pretty awesome!" I said clasping my hands together while throwing the audience a perfect smile in their direction. I fixed the crown on my head and made my way down the staircase to go to the rest of my clique and smiled at them in pure glee. My main best friend Whitney spoke up. "Skye, you're so perfect. You always look amazing!" She said with a smile that can out stand even the Cheshire cats. "You guys are fucking lesbians." Jake came out and swooped me off my feet while kissing my cheek. "Jake, don't be jealous of me and Whitney's amazing relationship!" I teased. "I'm not, all I'm saying is that if you ever get it on with Whitney be sure to call me over so I can join." Jake said with a wink and a flirtatious smirk that was always dawned on his face. Whitney scoffed and hit him lightly with her mouth agape. I looked around at everyone who was admiring me or just straight up staring at me. Life was really going perfectly right now, I couldn't help but smile.

"Skye! Skye! Skye!" The voice tore me out of my flashback and suddenly I was pulled back into reality. Oh yeah, that's right. My life was amazing until my mom had to get married to some British guy who lived somewhere in Cheshire. So guess where I am. Cheshire. I must've slept in on my first day of Cheshire's Comprehensive School. My California dream was now over. After finding out the news that I was moving to England, Jake broke with me declaring that he can't 'do' long distance relationships. Whitney took over my spot as cheer captain at Varsity High. 

"Skye Toulson get your lazy butt up right now before your late for your first day of school!" My mom practically screamed into my door. Seriously why did she have to get re-married to this British asshole. He basically ruined my life. I had everything planned out and now I have to start out fresh on my senior year of highschool, or what the locals call secondary school. Did I mention that they call a bathroom 'the loo'? How silly. What even is a loo.

After collecting my thoughts I got up from my bed to take a look at what I was dealing with this morning. 

I cringed while looking at myself in the mirror. I straightened my hair and put on a bright pink Victoria's secret sweater and matching sweats that I must say made my ass look pretty damn good. I mean someone had to show England what color is and I guess that's gonna be me. I quickly got down stairs and took an apple from the counter while munching into it. With a mouthful of apple I yelled "Bye mom!" while racing out the door and grabbing my purse and car keys. Today was gonna be awful. 

When I got to school people looked at me. Most of which were girls who were throwing me evil glares while whispering profanities about me with they're friends. Unlike my old town, this place was small so everyone knew everyone and seeing as I'm knew I should expect that much from people. I started to get nervous as I walked down the hall corridor. Everyone was staring at me. I felt like Gabriella when the whole cafeteria was staring at her for making the callbacks in High School Musical. Man I really miss that movie. Troy was hot. Maybe I'll watch it later when I get back home. I smiled to myself. I was knocked out of my thoughts when someone was thrown against me. "Shit! Can't you watch out!" I yelled while picking myself off from the floor and grabbing my things. "S-sorry" I looked up to see a boy with curly brown hair, bright emerald green eyes, and thick rimmed glasses quickly glance at me before running down the hall. That's when I realized that he didn't push into me purposely, he was being thrown around by a couple of jocks and was forced to be knocked into me. He was being bullied. Why? I didn't know. I mean I only saw a glance of him but that boy was pretty attractive. A wave of guilt suddenly washed over me. I shouldn't have spoke to him that way, he was probably hurting already. I looked to floor and saw a Ramones wallet. I picked it up and looked inside. The boy with curly hair's ID was there. Harry. His name was Harry.I smiled, he was cute just like I expected.  I was determined to return his wallet back to him. Maybe this school won't be that bad.

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