Just the Nerd (Harry Styles)

Harry has thick rimmed glasses and is socially awkward. He is constantly bullied by the school jocks. The farthest he had gone with a girl was when he had to run the mile during gym class with a member of the opposite sex. Rated +16 for mature content in the future.


2. Like a good neighbor

I was determined to return Harry's wallet back to him. I mean I was determined. I actually ended up throwing in the towel as my last period came to an end. Well shit, at least I tried. 

"Hey babe, you looking for a ride home?" A tall jock with sandy brown hair and bright aqua eyes appeared out of the blue. I quickly responded "No thanks." As I started to walk away a smile of triumph began to grace my face.

"Or how about you give me a ride." My smile quickly faded as I processed what he said to me. What a pig. As I turned around I gave him a death glare while his smirk never faltered. I continued to walk away, my pace quickening to try and escape any more embarrassment. I heard loud stomps behind me as I realized that the jock was catching up to me. He lightly touched my shoulder and I turned around to face him. "What?" I spat at him. "Sorry babe, I couldn't help myself." The smirk reappeared on his face. He was actually kind of cute. Okay he was really cute. "Names Louis." He reached his hand out for me to shake the smirk on his face traded with a genuine smile. "Skye." I returned the favor, shaking his hand. I spun on my heels and continued to walk. "Well, Skye. Do you need a ride home?" I continued to walk and shook my head signalling a 'no.' I stopped when I saw that my car was being towed away. Apparently I parked in a no-park zone. Damn this school. 

"Hey Louis?" I shouted at the jock who was walking ahead of me. He quickly turned around. "Yes babe?" My words fell to the ground as they came out of my mouth and I lightly mumbled. "I need a ride." 

Louis smirk came back and he mouthed 'come here.' I did so and he pulled me into his 'wing' if you can call it that and continued walking with me on his side. As we neared his car he pulled out his keys and clicked the car open for me. I got into the passenger seat and turned on the radio and he started to drive so the space would be less awkward. I told him where I lived and that was all I said during the whole drive. Louis decided to break the ice and asked the tackiest question known to the whole world, universe to that matter. "So babe, what's your sign?" I could practically see the smirk thriving on his face. I decided to kill it. "It's stop." As I predicted the once so lively smirk he was adorned with disappeared and a frown took its place. "Wow Skye, that was cold." 

"Stop" was all I said to retaliate.

"Babe, I know that was good one, ha-ha very funny." Louis said. He was obviously annoyed at not getting his way.

"No, stop Louis." My voice was stern this time around.

"Yes, stop, I get it!" Louis shouted, spacing out his words.

"Stop the damn car Louis!" I finally yelled causing him to hit the brakes abruptly sending me straight forward. Damn gravity. Louis looked at me and gave me a face that said, what the hell is it. 

I looked out the window of Louis car and smiled. There Harry was, walking home carrying 5 books under his chin. How cute was he? 

"Harry?" Louis asked. "Mhm." I said still staring at said boy with a huge smile plastered on my face. Harry entered this white fancy looking house. With all those books he was carrying he looked as if he could topple over at any given time.

"Oh shit. That's my house!" I shouted while pointing to the house to the left of the one Harry just walked into.

"So your neighbors with the school dweeb and your excited because?" Louis looked at me with a questionable face.

"Well, I think Harry is kind of cute." I said casually while emphasizing Harry.

"Babe, he's a fucking looser. But hey! If you're into that then that's your choice." Louis glanced at me with a smile. I turned to face him and ruffled his hair a little. Before exiting his car I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said a small thank you. This caused him to pretend to touch where his heart would be and smiled while blowing a kiss in my direction. He sped off doing a U-turn out of the cul de sac where Harry and I lived. I looked up at his house one last time while taking out the Ramones wallet from my purse and putting on a confident smile as I walked to the front of his house and knocked at the door.

A woman who looked around the ages of twenty nine and thirty four opened the door and smiled at me. "Hello. How may I help you young lady?" Her friendly voice caused me to smile as well. What can I say, kindness is contagious. "Hi, is this Harry's house?" The woman's face dropped to a look of shock as her arms went out to her sides. "Y-your here? For Harry?" She practically hollered in my face. "Um yes. If that's okay with you?" I said the smile never escaping my lips. "O-of course sweetheart. He's actually in the shower right now but feel free to stay until he comes out." She was so nice. I wish my mom could be this nice to me. She was always so moody. I smiled in response as she gestured me in and told me to sit at a nearby table. She quickly served me a cup of tea and took the seat in front of mine. "Bye the way, I'm Anne."

Anne and I had a full on conversation about Harry. I learned that he won the spelling bee when he was only twelve years old and that's when the bullying began for him. He was a really smart kid and didn't deserve being pushed around for being bright. "Mom?" Harry interrupted me and Anne's conversation and he stumbled into the dining room in which we sat. "Hi honey." Anne smiled at Harry. "Your friends here, so I'll leave you two alone." Anne said sending me a wink. "Um." Harry looked confused and Anne quickly walked upstairs. I got up and Harry finally realized who I was. He looked shocked as I walked over to him. It looked like he was going to fall back as I neared him and entered his personal space, tousling his hair in the process. "U-uh Skye? What are you doing here?" He said gulping as his nervousness took over his body. He began to tremble and I took this opportunity to mess with him. I pushed my body against him roughly while pulling out the Ramones wallet from my pocket and pushing it into his front pocket, my hand gently grazing over his thigh area. He swallowed for what seemed like the twentieth time in the last 30 seconds and I let out a light giggle near his ear. I let out of moan close to his cheek which sent him into a frenzy of shaking and heavy breathing. He was so nervous, it was adorable and I enjoyed every second of it. "I'm just being a good neighbor." I whimpered innocently while kissing him on his cheek and patting the wallet in his pocket. He just stood there in the same spot not even bothering to move. And even if he wanted to, I don't think he could have anyways. He was like a bunny who was about to be ran over by a car. "Bye Harry." I said while my voice trailed off and I closed the door to his house and walked next door to mine. Was Harry adorable or what.

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