Afraid of Falling

"Just promise me one thing Styles"
"Anything just please give me the chance to prove myself" He practically begged me.
"Just don't fuck me over. Please! That's the last thing I need right now and I can't go through what I've gone through with every relationship I have ever had with anybody, again."
"Promise. Cross my heart hope to die" He smiled down at me. I lifted me head up so I was finally looking him in the eye. His gorgeous sparkling emerald eyes that left me weak in the knees. I gave him a weak smile and nuzzled my head into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me in a protective manner.
All I could think was how perfect he was. How charming he is. How funny, talented, good looking he is. The first guy to get me to admit my feelings. But also how there has to be a reason I have been protecting myself for so long. There has to be a reason relationships hardly ever work out. A reason why the divorce rate is going up. A reason why I am afraid to fall.


2. And He Expects Everyone to Love Him.

'meet me by the baseball fields right after school!' I read the note that fell from my locker. I recognized the handwriting. It belongs to Rocky, my best friend. My only friend really.

I smile at the note and shove it into my back jeans pocket. I quickly grabbed my books for my English and AP Calc class from my open locker, closed it and was on my way. 

'Only 2 hours left Mikki. Just 2 hours and you're out of here and free for 4 hours before your parents make you come home and make you sit and study for 2 hours before carrying on with prepping for my supposed to be perfect life after i graduate' This thought was like most the other thoughts I had. It started happy looking forward to something and then goes downhill looking and the negatives. I actually didn't think my home life was negative at all until I turned 11 and learned that my family isn't normal. Families aren't supposed to slap you across the face or hit you or even kick you when you get an answer wrong on your home work. They aren't supposed to lock you in your room with no dinner at night, nothing but your lonely self and your school bag to do work when you get less than an A+ on a test.

Families are supposed to show there love by hugs and kisses. The only kiss I would ever get is from my mom on the head at dinner if I did well on a test. Which was every test i ever took. I didn't have much of a choice unless I wanted to starve that night.

I was snapped from my thought by the school bell ringing. I find myself in my correct seat in English with out remembering getting there. I have walked here so many times it was probably just muscle memory. It's not like i ever talked to people in the halls or conversed with many people out side of Rocky anyways.

"Today we are going to have a workday to work on an Essay you will be handing in next Friday  We will have 3 days in class to work on this and if for some reason you're not finished by then, I gave you enough time to be able to finish it at home. Don't even think about not doing it at home because guess what?! Your parent will know about it. I'm sending an email about it to make sure everyone hands it in on time" My English teacher Mrs. White just kept rambling on and on about the stupid essay and I close to fell asleep captivated in my own thoughts. But these weren't back thoughts. These were more like dreams. Dreams about Harry Styles.

Harry Styles:


Green eyes.

Brown Hair.

18 years old.

Most popular kid in school.

Senior in high school.

Loves anything that deals with Girls, Music, and Partying.

Is successful at everything he does.

And he expects everyone to love him.


He seemed like a jerk and that's what most people told me he was. Yet something in me was still so attracted to this irresponsible boy with the irresistible voice. Something in me told me that somehow someday, I needed to have him.


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