Falling to the unknown love

This fanfiction is about a girl, Mikayla, who has a bad past with love. Later falling for a person who was unknown to her eyes, Harry. Read and see's what happens between them. Do they match or are they set up for failure.


1. The Party

“But Mom, why cant I just go by myself, it will make this world so much easier for me.”

“Because I said so. You either go to your cousins birthday party with Scott, or you don’t go at all and that’s final!” my mom practically screamed it in my face.

Little does she know I broke up with Scott a week ago, yet no one knows. Everyone still thinks I go out with him. They wouldn’t understand why I broke up with him. Everyone thought we were that cute couple around the neighborhood, young teen fearless love. Yet no one knows he was psycho. When I didn’t kiss him he would grab my face, at least I wasn’t the type to let him get away with it. I stood up for myself I guess that’s what made him stay longer. He loved the fact I fought back, but didn’t know I broke down when he wasn’t around.

“Fine” I scoffed to my mom walking away from her.

*  *  *

“Hello!” I heard excitement in his voice.

 “Hello?” I said regretting every minute.

“Missed me that much you couldn’t resist darling?”

“NO.” I huffed loudly on the phone.

“Yet you’re are here calling me, obviously you want me.”

“I don’t, see the thing is, is that my cousin is having her 18th birthday party.” I said barely above a whisper. “ And my parents are going away for the weekend, and theirs absolutely no one. Plus my mom still thinks we go out and she said that the only way I can go is if you come with me.”

“Well don’t you reckon’ we keep it that way sweetheart?” he said mockingly, knowing I hated when he called me sweetheart.

“Bollocks this is all bollocks! I cant stand this. The constant lying to everyone, I just cant anymore I’m going to tell my mo-..”

“Wait don’t you want to go to your cousins party?” he said knowing the answer, obviously the only reason why I called him.


Well stop being an arse, and tell me when to be at your house to pick you up. Because isn’t her party tomorrow?”

“Yeah, just pick me up tomorrow morning so we can get there early and settle in.”

“Ok baby, see you then” he said while blowing a kiss onto the phone.

*  *  *

I hanged up so quickly, barely hearing that. I couldn’t  believe I was doing this. if feels like I’m letting him win again. I wanted to tell my parents everything. If they knew though I know they would probably end him, physically. And I couldn’t deal with that. My parents killing someone over my safety, and just to get back at him with all the stuff he did to me. But I couldn’t and wont live with that guilt on me the rest of my life. Even though he’s a complete twat, I know he would never let anything bad happen to me.

I cant think of anything right now it gives me anxiety, and I have to pack for my cousins party tomorrow. I don’t want to ruin this for her or for me. Just trying to enjoy this little vaca away from the bloody parents.

*  *  *

“Hurry up Kay!” my mom yelled to me from downstairs.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. WAIT!”

“Scott is waiting for you!”

“I KNOW” I yelled annoyed.

“Don’t get loud with me, now hurry and get your fucking ass don’t here!”

I ran downstairs grabbing my bag as fast as I could to get out of this place. I kissed my parents as I walked to the front door barley noticing Scott was sat on the sofa drinking soda.

“Plan on leaving without me babe?” grinning at me as I walked over to grab him.

“Lets just go, NOW. Don’t you reckon’ we get there early? You know to settle in, hun.” I said annoyed he would actually come in my house and sit there, like he’s my boyfriend still.

“I suppose so, lets go baby!” he turned to me with this sinister smile. Walking towards my parents he said his goodbyes and then turned to me grabbing my hand in his.

“Get off of me!” I said ripping my hand away from his as he closed my front door behind us.

“Why are you so complicated, I said I was sorry. Why cant you just accept it? I want to be with you.”

“I don’t give a bloody shit!”I hissed at him. “Now lets just go, I am in no fucking mood.”

*  *  *

The whole ride to my cousins birthday  party was quiet, just what I prayed for. I just wanted silence. The last couple of days for me have been so stressful, I never really had time to think. Many people have warned be about Scott but I was too hard headed to listen. But I guess I get all of this that happened to me. Just hoping that one day I find that one person I can express myself not just by making love but having a nice conversation. With Scott that was impossible.

We finally arrived to my cousins house nearly in time to unpack before the party started. I was relieved to see her waiting outside, smiling at me when I got out of the car.

“KENSIE!” I cried running to her into a big bear hug. “I missed you so much!”

“KAY! I missed you so much.” She cried into my hug. “How have you been, kay?” she said as a tear rolled down her eyes.

“I have been…uhh, not so good Kensie.” I told her, I know I cant lie to her whenever I do she knows already, its no use.

“Awe babe, come here.” She says as pulling me into another hug. “C’mon, lets go inside, and um Scott?” she said confused.

“I thought you were done with him?”

“I am Kensie!” I said making sure she knew I was telling her the truth. “He was my only transportation here, and I really wanted to come and see you.”

“Oh, ok! Well lets go in and lets talk about why you are not doing so well.” She said smiling slightly

“No!” I insisted.

“Its your birthday party in about half an hour and you need to get your outfit on! I see you already got your hair done! Now go!”

“Are you sure?” she asked unsure what to do.

“Yes I’m positive, no go!” I said grinning.

“OK! We’ll talk later then, right?”

“YES! Go NOW!” I said laughing, my cousin didn’t change one bit.

*  *  *

The party was coming to an end. Most people were already half drunk lying on the floor, too weak to get there arses up. And my ex boyfriend was one of them arses. Other people were either dancing to the now not so amusing music or talking about bullock shit.

“Hey babe.” Scott comes behind me wrapping his hands around my waist.

“Get off of me, NOW!” I told him yanking his hand away from me.

“I’m just trying to have a little fun.” He said laughing evilly in my ear.

“Well I don’t want to play games Scott.” I hissed at him.

“Well I am, and I’m not taking no as an answer!” he said with an harsh tone.

“You should listen to her, and stop.” I heard a voice come behind.

As I turned around I saw a tall green-eyed figure, with curls admiring on his skin.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do if I don’t stop pretty boy?” Scott says messing with his curls in his hands.

You can see as his green eyes started to darken on his features as Scott kept mocking him and playing with his curls. All of sudden he pushed Scott making him stumble to the ground in front of me.

“If you keep fucking messing with her, you’ll see what happens!” he said turning around and walking away.

I turned back around to Scott and then the mysterious boy who disappeared in the dark, slowly fading away. I have no clue who he was but I’m sure I’m not going to forget about him.





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