They Day I ran into...

A 15 year old girl named Gabriella. She's very nervous. Just because she has a famous mom she has to move ALL THE TIME! So this wasn't new when she moved to Cardinal Newman Catholic high school. Until she meets a band named One Direction and soon falls for Niall, and she is opened to a new world!


5. Meeting his Friends

I woke up at around 9 am on Sunday. My Saturday was with one of Shannon's other friends, her name is Rebecca. She'e really pretty, she has really short reddish-brown hair that goes with her skin tone. She has stunning green eyes, they remind me of one of Niall's friends. She was really nice, no wonder she has a boyfriend! We went to the mall, she got some clothes and I got a new pair of heels, they were a nude pick.  

I got out of bed and had a shower and put on some nice clothes. I wasn't going anywhere today, I just really hate looking like a slob! Once out of the shower Niall texted me;

"Hey sweetie! my band has a practice and I want you to come and meet them! You in?"

I answered back as fast as I could;

"Yeah. But where and when?"

"The band room at school, and at 12 sharp."

The second I saw that I was so happy I already looked decent enough because it was already 11:30. I decided to change my clothes. I put on my new spring dress my mom got me on Friday, I matched that with my new heels. I curled my hair, and when I was done Niall was at the door. We walked to the school hand in hand.

"Are you nervous?" Niall knew me so well!

"No," I lied, "Why?"

"Because I know you enough to tell you are," Niall really did know me better than I thought, "Why are you nervous?"

"What if they don't like me? Or find me to weird and annoying?"

"They won't! Trust me!" Niall reassured me as he kissed my cheek lightly.

When we got to the school it was 11:58, he was early by just a little. I went in thinking everyone was there, but nope!

"Everyone comes at maybe 12:05." Niall said.

"I thought you said 12 sharp?" I chuckled.

"Yeah, 12 sharp for us! And you have to tell me what you think of our new song! And Louis and Liam's girlfriends will be there. So you won't be too alone!"

At around 12:07 everyone was here. Niall was almost showing me off to everyone!

"Hi! I'm Gabriella. And what are you're names?"

"Well, I'm Liam Payne, this is Harry Styles, the one over there with that girl, that's Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. They're so cute!" Liam went on, "The one looking in the mirror is Zayn Malik, and the girl over there, that's my girlfriend, Danielle Peazer!"

I said hello to everyone, and they began to play and it was really good! The song was called Magic!

"Cause you, you got this spell on me! I don't know what to believe. Kiss you once now I can't leave! Cause everything you do is magic. Yeah everything you do is maa-ah-ah-gic!"

Eleanor, Danielle and I were clapping like crazy! We loved it! I ran up and hugged Niall and told him it was great!

"You know," Niall whispered in my ear, "I wrote that about you!"

"Really?" I must have been blushing a lot because Niall kissed me and said yes! After practice we were very hungry. But mostly Niall was!

"Let's go back to my house! My mom isn't home, and I'm sure we have a ton of food, now that everything's been unpacked," I suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement so we all walked together and began to walk back to my house!

****AUTHOR'S NOTE- The story isn't over yet, I just wanted to say Thank you for reading it so far. And I know the first few chapters have been really short. That's because I was using my phone to write them until I got my laptop back (I broke it). So, now I hope the chapters will be a better length! And now, BACK TO THE STORY!


We were all sitting down in my living room. I went into the kitchen to make my famous pasta. I was gone for not even five minutes when I heard something break! I ran as fast as I possible could. Knowing that in that living room was some of the most expensive things in the whole house. Not to mention my mother's first ever Grammy award! when I got in the room I saw the boy had been playing football (soccer) indoors. And they had broken a window. I knew my mom would be upset that they were playing football, but in the end I knew she would still be her happy self!

"I'm so sorry! We'll pay for everything!" Liam was very worried.

"Don't worry about it," I reassured them, "Just NO more of that. And you're lucky you didn't break any of my mom's awards! She would have killed you!"

"You're mum is Shooting Star?!?!?" Zayn asked. I nodded and went back to the kitchen and called my mom to let her know what happened.


"Hi, mom! I'm just letting you know that some of my friends came over and were playing football in the living room-" she cut me off.

"Did they break any awards???!!!"

"No, mom they're all okay! But they did break a window, they're all really sorry!"

My mom was chuckling and than said, "Oh okay, well next time start with that! tell them to be careful. I'll be home at 5:30. Bye sweetie, love you!"

"Bye! Love you too!" We both hung up. By the time the conversation ended the food was ready. I called them all to come and eat. Everyone said it was really good! Niall ate the most of course! When they finished everyone had to go home and get ready for school tomorrow. I totally forget it was Sunday! I was looking forward to spending another week at school!


By the time my mom got home she had hands full of clothes and someone was with her. The window replacement person. Me and my mom ate some salads and than she asked.

"So, who was it that broke the window?"

"Some of Niall's friends."

My mother asked about them and I told her they were all in a band and I told her their names.

The only thing my mother said after that was, "Be careful!"


"Sweetie, They're a band, they want to get famous! Do they know I'm your mother?"


"I don't want to sound mean, but I fear the may be using you! I don't know though because I don't know them! All I'm saying is be careful. Alright?"

"How could you say that?!?" I was furious, "Just because someone likes me means they're using me?!"

"You never know-"

"Forget it! I know that's not true!!!!! Night!" I went upstairs so upset! I began crying and than I just went to sleep to mad to do anything else!

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