They Day I ran into...

A 15 year old girl named Gabriella. She's very nervous. Just because she has a famous mom she has to move ALL THE TIME! So this wasn't new when she moved to Cardinal Newman Catholic high school. Until she meets a band named One Direction and soon falls for Niall, and she is opened to a new world!


2. Making Friends

It was now lunch and I was happy that my day was getting easier. I noticed that I had made some nice friends and met great people. But the person that was on my mind the whole day was that Irish cutie, Niall. As I walked in the cafeteria I looked for him. I was looking and looking. I really wanted to see him because he seemed nice and would have loved to be his friend.  Not his girlfriend, I mean don't get me wrong he's great but right now I'm just looking for friends. So, I have up looking and I went and sat with my new friend and her friend. Her name was Shannon and her friend is Jasmine. I was so happy because they both seemed really nice. Jasmine was really quite(although I think she's only quite with others)but after awhile she opened up and she was really funny. Jasmine was Asian and had long black hair, it looked like she got it cut but it was grown out so maybe a few weeks ago. Now Shannon made me feel happy she was loud and just a really funny person to be around. She had curly hair and sharp blue eyes, but in some light looked green. 

"HEY!! Gabriella come over here!!" Shannon yelled across the cafeteria and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. But I walked over casually and say down.

"Hey, what's up?"I asked.

"Nothing. So, how do you like Newman? See any cute guys?"Shannon asked as she did a little wink.

"Well, this boy Niall Horan was cute but I doubt he remembers me." I said. But I just shrugged it off like I didn't care. But I didn't know if I was showing that or if they could tell I was lying. 

"No way?!?!" One of Shannon's friends, Rebecca, said. I just nodded in agreement with her shock.

"He's in a boy band called One Direction! The other guys in there are named Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne! They're all so yummy!" Shannon said as it looked like she was melting,"lets go stalk them! They eat in the band room!"

We all followed her and we heard them talking about girls. Than, they brought up my heart was pounding I didn't know what to do, other than blush because my cheeks were burning!

"There was this new girl her name was Gabriella, she was really beautiful! I wanna ask her out." Niall's voice made me blush, I was going crazy!

"Go ask her!" A deep slow voice said trying to encourage him! And than all of the sudden Shannon pushed me down and I fell right in front of them! I tried to make it look like I was lost.

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