They Day I ran into...

A 15 year old girl named Gabriella. She's very nervous. Just because she has a famous mom she has to move ALL THE TIME! So this wasn't new when she moved to Cardinal Newman Catholic high school. Until she meets a band named One Direction and soon falls for Niall, and she is opened to a new world!


9. How would you react?

Niall is the sweetest person ever! He first got me a beautiful necklace and then, he told me that he loved me. What's better then that? 

So, the next day I woke up. But I didn't have a hangover because well, I don't drink. And thank goodness for that! I walked down stairs not knowing what to expect. I mean, anything could be down there. Last night wasn't a blank or anything, I remember all of the night but when I went to bed, the lights were dimmed so I couldn't see it. I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe a little mess here and there, or a huge mess all over the house. It could've gone either way. But either way, I was ready for the worst. 

I walked down to see beer cans all over the place, toilet paper unrolled, red solo cups everywhere, even on a lamp! But the worst thing I saw had to have been some random bra on my couch. Well someone got lucky last night. I texted Jasmine, hoping she wasn't too drunk, if she would help me clean up this mess. She texted back and said she didn't feel well. And I know Shannon would be too lazy, same with Katy, Rebecca, or any of the guys. So I was alone.

I hit play on my iHome and started dancing to Little Mix's new song DNA. It was an awesome song! I love them!

"It's in his DNA, D-D-DNA!" I sang out loud with the broom as my microphone. I looked around the room and surprisingly I was done. It didn't take that long. 

"You're really good!" I heard someone say. I think it was Niall but I didn't know he was still here. Last night he said he was too drunk to even dance so I thought he might've gotten a ride from Liam or something. I turned around to see it was Niall standing there in the clothes he wore last night. And his hair all messed up.

"Niall, what are you doing here?" I asked him. 

"Wow a simply thanks would've been just fine" he chuckled. 

"Um... Thanks?" I answered/asked. 

"Um... You're welcome?" Niall mimicked me. 

"Now why are you here? I thought you went home when you said you couldn't dance anymore?" I asked well putting away the broom. 

"Well you see, the lads wanted to stay for another hour and I was really tired. So, I told them to tell me when they left. And I guess I fell asleep here. Sorry, love." Niall said with a clear hangover. I nodded with my one arm resting on my stomach and my other hand playing with Niall's necklace. 

"Hey you're still wearing it!" Niall said. 

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be? I mean I love it and I love the guy who have me it." I joked. The simile on Niall's face soon went away. 

"And who might thy be?" He tried to not laugh but failed. 

"Well, he's tall and blond with brown roots and beautiful blue eyes. He's also Irish and loves to dance and sing for me. Oh and I can't forget he love playing the guitar and is in love with food. Does he sound familiar?" I chuckled. 

"No, but he sounds like a keeper." He winked at me. I leaned in a kissed him on the cheek. 

"So, what are you doing today?" I asked Niall. 

"Just gonna go home and try to cure a hangover. What about you, love?" Niall had a smirk on his face. He knows I blush whenever he calls me love. 

"Well I don't have any thing to do today. I might as well just spend today being a lonely loser on the Internet." I stated causing Niall to send a light chuckle. 

"You wouldn't be a loser. Everyone needs Internet time!" Niall laughed even harder this time.

"Well I'm a total loser when I'm online! Believe me!" I said. He put his arms around my waist and his chin was resting perfectly on my head. This may be corny but we fit together like a puzzle. 

"Well I have to go. So, bye beautiful I'll see you Monday." Niall gave me a quick kiss and headed out. 

"Well lets go have NO LIFE!" I chanted to myself. 

I spend most of the day just being a loser. I went on Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter. If you ask me the day was pretty awesome. But have you ever noticed that when you spend too much time alone, you start to over think. Well I've noticed.  I started thinking and wondering if Niall really loved me. Or if he just said he did to get into my pants or something. I got really worried all of the sudden. I didn't want to think like that. I know Niall loves me! But, do I love him? Yeah I've said it, but was it true. I mean I love being around him. But I'm young I don't know what love is! I pushed those horrible thoughts to the back of my head when I got a text.

From: Harry is totally awesome
'Hey love. So I have great news! I think I'm over you. Okay that sounds mean but I was jut being an ares last time. But I'm happy with Shannon!'

I smiled to myself because those two are so cute together!

To: Harry is totally awesome
'I'm really happy for you and her! I gotta go. Bye bye Harry is totally awesome! ;)'

From: Harry is totally awesome
'Yeah same. And bye bye Gabby! ;)'

I can't believe One Direction is going on the X-factor! Our lives are gonna change for the greater! We applied a few months ago and today Liam got an email saying were its going be and everything! 

I wasn't even thinking when Zayn called me and told me. I was lying down with a cold cloth on my face when Zayn called me. 

"What the hell do you want mate? I was curing my hangover!" I groaned into the phone.

"Sorry mate. But guess what," I just groaned into the phone as Zayn went on, "WE'RE GOING TO BE ON THE X-FACTOR!" He yelled into the phone.

"Wait? What? REALLY?" I was bouncing around. 

"I know! We have to pick a song, now! Come over and we'll pick." He said through the phone. 

"K see you soon. Bye!" I exclaimed.

"Bye!" He exclaimed back. After we hung up I went and put on a pair of jeans and my white 'Crazy Mofo' t-shirt. I walked over to Zayn's, because it was only about a 10 minute walk and I didn't feel like driving. 

Once I got there, I could here Louis from outside. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. I laughed to myself as I walked up to the door and knocked. Zayn's mum, Trisha, came and opened the door for me. I thanked her and ran to see the lads. 

"Great now that everyone's here, lets pick a song to sing." Liam said as I sat down on the brown leather couch. 

"How about Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder?" Harry suggested. 

"How about Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's?" Louis asked. 

"How about Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo?" Zayn thought for a minute about it. 

"How about So Sick by Ne-Yo?" I wondered. That song is really good!

"How about Cry me a River by Justin Timberlake?" Liam said finally. 

"We'll never choose at this rate!" I said aloud, "We all have a different idea for songs."

"How about Torn by Natalie Imbruglia?" Liam said. And I have to admit that song is really good. It seems like us, and the image we'd want. 

"I like it." Harry, Louis, Zayn and I said at the same time. 

"Well I guess we found our song." Liam let out a sigh of relief. 

"So Haz, how did Shannon react when you told her about this?" Louis asked. Oh crap! I forget to tell Gabriella! Oh I have to go and tell her right now.

"She took it great. She was really happy, but she said she's gonna miss me if I leave." Harry looked at the ground. What would Gabriella think if I left?



***AUTHOR'S NOTE- I'm so sorry it's been so long. I've just been really busy. I know this fanfic is still really short but I'm still new to all this. 

But guess what? IM GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!! I'm soooooo happy!!


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