What I See

Louis Tomlinson is a bad ass. He violates school rules, gets all the girls and the boys fall at his feet. But when Nikki comes as 'the new girl' she pays no attention to him whatsoever. Louis wants her and intends to get her at any cost. Things turn around for him when they are put together on a science project. Long after school hours spent together shows a different side to Louis. What happens when opposites attract and love shows a different side to both of them? How will this effect them mentally and physically? Will it really be a happily ever after?
(Dedicated to Nikki. You are gorgeous and support me 100% it means alot. You deserve this and thanks for writing that story about Liam and I. Hope you love it. Thank you again! Xoxoxo :3)


4. Chapter 4

Louis' POV
After I heard the door close I felt tears rush down my face. Why did she do that to me? She was the first girl to turn me down and tell me what I wanted. She was right, kind of. I don't want to hurt anyone. This isn't even really me, but unfortunately this is who I have to be. If I was myself around people, they would hate me. Judge me. 

The bad boy image I have is just something I picked up to make me 'cool'. Maybe...forget it. I don't do this to convince everyone else, I do it to convince myself.

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