What I See

Louis Tomlinson is a bad ass. He violates school rules, gets all the girls and the boys fall at his feet. But when Nikki comes as 'the new girl' she pays no attention to him whatsoever. Louis wants her and intends to get her at any cost. Things turn around for him when they are put together on a science project. Long after school hours spent together shows a different side to Louis. What happens when opposites attract and love shows a different side to both of them? How will this effect them mentally and physically? Will it really be a happily ever after?
(Dedicated to Nikki. You are gorgeous and support me 100% it means alot. You deserve this and thanks for writing that story about Liam and I. Hope you love it. Thank you again! Xoxoxo :3)


3. Chapter 3

Nikki's POV
"Okay so tell me what you like to do." I talked to Louis. He sat opposite me. "Sex." I gave him a disgusted look and he winked. "Okay we will start with me." I wrote down a few things in my book. He grabbed it from me. "Writing, dancing, singing, romance? What is this?" I shook my head. "It's what I like to do." "Ah, no. We won't be doing any of that." I looked down. "Well Tomlinson, we won't be doing sex either." A smirk spread across his face. "Movies!" I yelled. "Grease." I looked at Louis surprised. "Grease?  Isn't that a bit girly for a guy like you?" He went red. "No. You don't know me. I like what I like." I put my hands up in defense "Okay, okay." 

After writing various similarities it was only 5. Louis stood up. I gathered my books and put them in my bag. "You going?" He asked. "I guess so." I started walking for the door but he beat me to it and pushed it shut. His towering figure leant against it. "You don't have to go." I bit my lip, cautious of what I say. One bad move and I could wake up naked next to this boy. "W-What would we do?" He winked. "Um. No. I really should get going." "I was just going to say watch a movie or something." I rolled my eyes. "Sure you were. Can I please go now?" He shook his head and I dropped my bag. Backing up slowly. "Why are you walking away from me?" He asked all sweetly. "Can I please go Louis? Please?" He swiftly grabbed my arms, pulling me towards him. "Most girls wouldn't want to leave." He put his hand on the back of my neck. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." The tone of his voice was full of lies. Everything he said was lies. 

"Lou-" he cut me off with his soft lips meeting mine. I didn't kiss back, that would only make him want more. He pulled out. "Please." I was slightly confused at how he was treating me. Everyone says he is a bad boy. He is, I know he is. He has to be. I barely know him and his tongue is already trying to explore my mouth. He pressed another kiss to the corner of my mouth. Trying to get some sort of reaction. I didn't do anything, just stood still. If I hit him, he would only get angry, if I didn't move he would get frustrated and If I kissed back, I would only be another one of his one night stands. 

I put my hands on his chest trying to push him away. "Louis, I don't want this." He looked at me. Anger in his eyes but mostly there was confusion. He wouldn't have a girl deny his tongue but because I did. He doesn't understand. He stepped back. "But I do." I don't know what is into this boys head. He can't just take advantage of a girl. I won't snap at him. He probably has a troubled life or something. I don't know but it isn't right. "Louis, I don't know you, I don't know your story and I don't know what you see in me but I'm not your toy, I won't go on with this. You may act bad, that's your image but I know that's not what you are. You don't want this." He looked down and I grabbed my bag. "See ya tomorrow." I said and walked out the door. 

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