What I See

Louis Tomlinson is a bad ass. He violates school rules, gets all the girls and the boys fall at his feet. But when Nikki comes as 'the new girl' she pays no attention to him whatsoever. Louis wants her and intends to get her at any cost. Things turn around for him when they are put together on a science project. Long after school hours spent together shows a different side to Louis. What happens when opposites attract and love shows a different side to both of them? How will this effect them mentally and physically? Will it really be a happily ever after?
(Dedicated to Nikki. You are gorgeous and support me 100% it means alot. You deserve this and thanks for writing that story about Liam and I. Hope you love it. Thank you again! Xoxoxo :3)


21. Chapter 21

Louis' POV
"hey baby, how about you come cheer at my house!" Zac yelled across to a cheerleader walking past. I high fives him and put my cigarette up to my lips. "Hey Lou, we gonna break into the girls locker room tonight, coming?" I laughed and shook my head. "Nah mate, I'll just go get a girl for the night, but you go ahead." 

They walked off as I hopped into my car. I wasn't actually going to get a girl, despite everything I may have done recently I still know that girls deserve respect and I won't disrespect any of them. That's one thing I picked up having Nikki around. I sat quietly thinking about her for a minute. She hasn't called me or anything lately, I know I don't answer but just knowing she still wanted me was something out of this world, but I can't have feelings like that if I don't want to hurt her anymore.

I shook my head and turned on the radio. I pulled out of the parking lot and started driving. It wasn't that busy on the road tonight, which was a good thing. 

It was pretty quiet in my car even when the radio was blaring. I didn't want to think of Nikki, but she was the only person who was crossing my mind. I turned the radio up louder and kept my eyes fixated on the road. I stopped at a red light, no cars in front yet they still insist to have them, one truck drove past, that's it. 

I was about to go when a familiar song started playing, I stared at the radio shook my head but refused to change the channel. "Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it?" I froze and looked across to the seat next to me. I remembered Nikki sitting there and singing as we were driving home one time and she looked at me and smiled when I called her babe. The angelic voice replayed in my head. 

I sat still, I missed her, I really did. But I couldn't just drop everything and leave. My dad would be furious if I left well that is if he wasn't drunk. A tear streamed down my face as I replayed memories in my head. I gripped the wheel tighter, my knuckles turning white. "I still love you baby" I whispered. I shook my head and started driving again. I knew what was going through my mind. I knew what I wanted to do. But the problem is, I don't think I can do it. 

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