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Louis Tomlinson is a bad ass. He violates school rules, gets all the girls and the boys fall at his feet. But when Nikki comes as 'the new girl' she pays no attention to him whatsoever. Louis wants her and intends to get her at any cost. Things turn around for him when they are put together on a science project. Long after school hours spent together shows a different side to Louis. What happens when opposites attract and love shows a different side to both of them? How will this effect them mentally and physically? Will it really be a happily ever after?
(Dedicated to Nikki. You are gorgeous and support me 100% it means alot. You deserve this and thanks for writing that story about Liam and I. Hope you love it. Thank you again! Xoxoxo :3)


18. Chapter 18

Harry's POV
"Come on Nikki, he's an asshole. There's no need to get worked up over him." I said rubbing Nikki's back. She is still worked up over Louis. He won't even answer her calls, broke up with her over the phone. I hate seeing her so down. "There is Harry. I love him okay, I admit it. You probably think it's ridiculous and that I'm weak for actually loving someone bu-" I pulled her close to me. "There will be other guys. Any guy would be lucky to have you." 

I really did mean it. Any guy would. She's amazing. Just the way she was with Louis. I've never seen that before. "R-Really?" She asked looking up at me. I nodded. "Your beautiful, have a great personality and the way you are with Louis. I've never seen it. He changed for you." A smiled played on her lips. I looked down and went red. I just said all that. "You can be really sweet when you want to." She giggled. I looked at her and chuckled slightly. "I'm just that adorable." 

"Wanna watch a movie? I really just want to forget about the whole Louis thing for a while." I nodded. "Ofcourse." She smiled and stood up, grabbing a movie from the draw. I still didn't get her. One moment in tears the next trying to change the subject. I don't know what it was about her but...I kinda liked it. She ended up picking Dirty Dancing. A chick flick about grinding against each other on the dance floor. I didn't really have an interest but I wasn't willing to fight with her. 

The movie started and we sat on her bed together. She didn't hesitate to lay her head on my shoulder. "You don't mind do you?" I shook my head quickly and shot her a grin. She giggled and watched the movie.

-  About 1 hour later -

The movie still isn't over they mainly dance and fall in love. "Dance with me." She demanded. "I'm an awful dancer." She smiled and grabbed my hand. "That makes two of us." I rolled my eyes as she stood up. "Come on. Please." I chuckled and grabbed her hands. 

"Alright so you put your hand there," she instructed placing my hand on her waist. "And hold my hand l-" I cut her off. "I like it this way." I said grabbing her hands and putting them around my neck. She smiled and I placed both hands on her waist. There was no music but we started to move slowly. "See Harry, your not a bad dancer." I looked down and chuckled. "You won't be saying that when your on the floor cause I dropped you." She giggled. "Your doing alright so far." 

"Harry? Thank you for everything. I probably would of done something stupid if it weren't for you." I smiled. "He's not worth doing something stupid for." "I know but really, Thank you." I nodded. "I always be here if you need me. Alright. But first I want to apologize." She shook her head confused. "For what?" "Everything I did before, the bullying. I just. I wish i didn't do it." She caressed my cheek then did something unexpected. She kissed me softly before quickly pulling away.

"Is something wrong?" I asked a little disappointed. "Uh, yeah. I shouldn't be kissing another guy. I have Louis. I'm so sorry." I shook my head and grabbed her hands. "He left you. You two are over now. You obviously like me in someway." She shrugged. "Please, just go." I grabbed my jacket. "If you ever get that you two are never going to see each other again, don't come crawling back to me." I yelled. She stepped towards me. "I'm sorry. I guess I just put that much faith into him. I thought we were forever." I shook my head.

"It's not like that with him anymore. It could be with...just forget it." I walked out and slammed the door. Fucking hell. She will never get over him unless someone makes her forget. And because of how I feel...I guess I have to. No. Wait. She just...I can't think straight anymore. 

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