What I See

Louis Tomlinson is a bad ass. He violates school rules, gets all the girls and the boys fall at his feet. But when Nikki comes as 'the new girl' she pays no attention to him whatsoever. Louis wants her and intends to get her at any cost. Things turn around for him when they are put together on a science project. Long after school hours spent together shows a different side to Louis. What happens when opposites attract and love shows a different side to both of them? How will this effect them mentally and physically? Will it really be a happily ever after?
(Dedicated to Nikki. You are gorgeous and support me 100% it means alot. You deserve this and thanks for writing that story about Liam and I. Hope you love it. Thank you again! Xoxoxo :3)


15. Chapter 15

Nikki's POV
I'm back at school today, after Louis left a few days ago, I have felt empty. He said I would find new love but I couldn't, how long did he think he would be gone? I walked downstairs and straight out the door, without even talking to mum. I haven't talked to her since Louis left, I haven't talked to anyone really. 

I decided to sit out the front until the bell rang, I just looked at where Louis' car would usually be parked. I remembered the first time he drove me home. For the science project. Shit! That's due in a week. I still have to put it all together. It would be easier if Lou was here.

"Nikki." I looked over by another car to see Harry and the boys leant against it. "What?" Harry walked over, I didn't think to walk away or anything, not after what Louis told me. "I'm sorry about what I've done. He really does love you." I nodded. "It's alright." The rest of the boys smiled at me and I knew they were just following Harry. I wasn't mad at them. Everyone makes mistakes.

"Louis hasn't arrived yet?" He asked. I looked down. "He's just not coming." "What? Why?" I looked up at Harry's face and he gave me a reassuring smile. "He uh, he left." Harry looked down. "I'm really sorry." I shook my head. "It's fine." I got a grip of my bag on my shoulder, I knew I was going to cry anytime now. 

Harry obviously noticed. "You'll see him again." I told you, Harry can be the sweetest of guys when he wants to. I smiled. My phone started ringing louder than usual. What if it's Louis? What if he says he doesn't want to be my girlfriend anymore? Wait am I his girlfriend. "Aren't you gonna answer that?" Harry asked. I shot back to reality and grabbed my phone from my pocket. I hesitantly hit the answer button.

"Hello?" "Nikki, hey." I straight away knew it was Lou. "Louis, I thought you would never call." "Sorry it's late but I have to tell you something." He hesitated. "Maybe we should....maybe we should take a break, I mean we aren't going to see each other." Tears welled in my eyes. Was he really saying this. "W-What? No." "Nikki please. This isn't going to work." "It's only been a few days. You won't know till you try!" My voice cracked. "I'm sorry. I don't want to do this." "Then don't!" I yelled. 

Harry looked at me weirdly, he had seen the tears pouring out. "It's not going to work Nikki. Relationships like this never work!" I started to shake, I felt like my knees would give out any second. "L-Louis I don't want us to be like this. This is the reason it will never work. Please Louis." I really wanted to stay like we were before. 

"Nikki, I love you but please. This isn't going to work." "No no no!" He sighed and I knew he was holding back tears too just by the sound of his voice. "I'm sorry baby. I love you." And he hung up. I tried to call again but he hung up straight away, or didn't answer. I was crying bad now but it would be worse when I processed it all. I threw my phone and fell to my knees, unable to stand. He really just broke up with me.

We just had sex, fell in love and he left. Maybe Harry was right. Maybe it was all just part of his plan...and I was just stupid enough to fall for it. 

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