Full moon

A young girl named Anna is facing some hard things.Like being able to shift into a wolf.She's lived her life hiking in the woods.But nothing has prepared her for this.


2. Territory

Anna's P.O.V.


I walked through the forest looking around.


I was tring to get over the fact i'm a wolf.


I heard paws and got even more scared.


All of a sudden i was knocked down by a midnight black wolf whos jaws were at my neck.


I was so scared i was whimpering.


I shifted and cried jaws still around my neck clenched tight yet not breaking my skin.


Four more wolves roke into the clearing.


Light brown Wolf(Liam):Do we shift,Zayn?

Black wolf(Zayn):No Liam.You,Louis,Harry,and Niall continue.

Light Brown Wolf(Liam):Of course.

Light Bronze Wolf(Louis):Sir yes sir!.

Dark Brown Wolf(Harry):Kay.

Blonde Wolf(Niall):Yes Zayn.


As the other four shot off the black wolf shifted to a young man with black hair styled into a qiuff.


 I slowly sat up.


"Who are you?" he growled baring his teeth.


"A-A-Anna" i stuttered still frightened.


"I'm Zayn." Zayn said sticking his hand out.


I just stared at it.


"I won't hurt you." He said.


I looked down.


"Again." he sighed.


I looked up tears still in my eyes.


"How can i trust you to not hurt me?" i whispered.


"I promise i won't hurt you."as i said that a sad look came over his features as he reassured me.


I took his hand and immediatly felt pain shoot through me.


I screamed and fell to the ground again.


I then passed out.


I felt myself being carried in someone's arms as i fell into blackness.

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