Full moon

A young girl named Anna is facing some hard things.Like being able to shift into a wolf.She's lived her life hiking in the woods.But nothing has prepared her for this.


3. New wolf in the pack

Anna's P.O.V.


I woke up in a bedroom.


I looked around and saw a black wolf staring at me from the floor.




I shrunk away.


He whined and shifted.


I crawled farther away.


"Why are you scared of me?" Zayn said.


"You hurt me when you promised me you wouldn't." I accused.


He looked away.


"I didn't mean to." he said.


"Then promise me you won't hurt me again." i said.


"What if i hurt you when i don't mean to?" he questioned.


"Then also promise me you'll protect me." i told him.


"Then i promise for both." he said walking to the bed.


"Then i trust you."I said.


"Good." he said.




He opened the door and stepped outside.


"Nice to see you Zayn." The man said.


"What do you want Jake!" Zayn growled.


"I want her." Jake said.


"You can't have her!She is already in my pack!" Zayn snarled.


"Let's see what she has to say for that." Jake answered and opened the door.


"Hello Anna.I am Jake." Jake said.


"I heard." i growled.


"Ahh well then you know you must choose." he smiled.


"And i've chosen Zayn." i proudly said.


"You'll regret this Anna!" He snarled leaving.


"Come on Anna.We're going to meet the boys." Zayn said taking my hand.


When we got outside the four wolves from yesterday were here.


"The light brown one is Liam." As Zayn said that Liam barked.


"The light bronze one is Louis."Louis barked.


"The dark brown one is Harry."Harry barked.


"And the blonde one is Niall" Niall barked.


"I'm Anna." I said as i shifted and ran to them.

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