A Strangers Love

aleхa waѕ a 16 year old gιrl growιng υp ιn an aвυѕιve нoмe ιn calaвaѕaѕ , calιғornιa , wιтн no ғrιendѕ , and a darĸ мιnd тнaт нeld мany ѕecreтѕ . вυт wнen ѕнe ѕтυмвleѕ υpon a ѕтranger , wнo нelpѕ cнange нer lιғe , мore proвleмѕ arιѕe . wιll тнιѕ ѕтranger ever reveal нιѕ ѕecreт ? or wιll нe locĸ ιт away , and нιde away тнe ĸey ? -- A Justin Bieber FanFiction


1. Musical Threats

White Lips Pale Face Breathing in the snow flakes Burnt lungs , Sour taste . The Ed Sheeran song played on my phone as I tried to get as much homework done before the 2 most despised people in my world get back to this place I call a 'home' . Don't get me wrong , they'll let their soft sides show , even if it's once in a blue moon . But what they do to me on a regular day basis , is just absurd . For me being their only child and them to abuse me as if I was a slave , is just cruel . But that's life I guess . But I've never felt this dead until it all started . My whole life wasn't like this . No . When I was younger , from newborn to around 9 , I've lived the normal little girl life . Filled with lollipops , rainbows , scraped knees , and joy . But it all changed after a tragic accident that changed our lives around . A full 360 . I hear the closing of a door . Notifying me that one , or both , are home . I quickly and quietly put away my books and school necessities then straighten up my room . Just before I finish , foot steps are heard . I pick up my pace and cleaned faster . There's a tap on my door before it goes flying . -'You thought you were slick ? Trying to rush and clean ? Where's my dinner ? And do you have your pay for this month ? Huh ? Answer me b*tch !' Yells the one and only . Martha Walls . Or also know as , my mother . -'I was just straightening up , and I was gonna start dinner in a minute .' -'And my money ?' -'I'll have it Thursday' -'Better' She walks out of the room . Slamming my door shut . I stand up and change into a more comfortable attire before I go and do my usual duties . Dinner , Beating , Bed . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (A/N) Okay . First story on here . Whoever reads please comment your thoughts . Bad or Good .
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