After graduating from high school, Arielle moves to London. Hoping she can leave her past behind and move on... What She doesn't know her life plan will change when she meets a super famous boy named Harry.


3. Meeting One Direction

Danielle notices Laur, and comes in our direction, Hello Laura, and you are? Arielle, nice to meet you Arielle, Laura told me you were moving- oh yes I arrived today, Oh cool, Look Laura our table is over there, she says pointing a crowd of people, sorrounded by bodyguards, They were in the VIP section of the club, The security guars didnt let us in, You cant come in, why not? laur demands, special guests of the club are here, this is a reserved area, The guard seemed to be really rude, thats when Liam noticed and told the security guard that we were with them, Laura sorry about that, how are you? Great how are you Liam? a Little bit tired, we came after a show we had at the O2 arena, oh great, this is my cousin Arielle, she recently moved here, Oh hi nice to meet you I am Liam,- Oh I know, Sorry what I meant is nice to meet you to. I could feel my cheeks burning, I couldnt believe I was out clubbing with One direction, of course I met a lot of Singers because of my dad's job, but I never met one direction, and Im a massive fan of them, Then I saw the other boys too, exept Harry, I could feel Niall's stare cheeking me out, he was with other girl tough, Louis was dancing with his girlfriend Eleanor, And Zayn Was talking with some people, while grabbing her girlfriend Perrie's hand, I was standing on a corner, uncomfortable, Laura was no where in sight, she left me here alone, I just want to go back to the hotel and sleep, then I hear someone behind me, telling me something, I turn around, Im paralyzed its Harry Styles, Umm hi, are you here with?, Laura, Danielle's friend, oh I see, I didnt mean to be rude, Harry Styles, and you are such a beautiful lady, standing alone in a corner, let me buy you a drink he offers, Okay I say, and follow I follow him, What would you like to drink? I dont know a bottle of water, I say, he laughs, really? he asks for two cups of vodka, I hope you like it, by the way, you never told me your name? I'm Arielle Cox, He smiles and hands me the cup of vodka...

And how old are you Arielle? 18, almost 19, Oh cool, he places his drink on the table, and asks me to dance, I Dont know whats happening to me, usually Im never shy around boys, theres something about him that makes me so nervous.

I feel so close by Calvin Harris was playing we start grinding, Then we danced and screamed the lyrics of plenty of songs, I was so sweaty and so was he, He suggested me to go grab some air, we went by the back door, so paparazzi wouldnt bother us.

wow Arielle I had a really great time on the dance floor with ya, he says, His eyes are really beautiful, green and deep, His curls fall perfecly, I was dying to grab his hair, he is gorgeous.

We are laughing at everything literally, he is a little bit drunk, am not, but still, he seems to be a great guy, He was telling me a story about the X factor, and I told Him why I moved to London, He checked his clock, we've been here for almost hour an a half, Oh Shit! I yelled, sorry Laura most be worried about me, Okay lets go find her, he says, No wait! harry exclaimed, I turned around,he grabbed me by the hips, looked straight into my brown eyes and said, Time flew while we were talking, and You are  beautiful and sexy and shy, I like that, keeps me wanting more, he slowly moved his head towards mine, and his lips carefully touched mine, he pulled my long brown to hair out of his way, it was a simple little peck at first, then his tongue came into my mouth, I was making out in the middle of the street with Harry Fucking Styles.

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