After graduating from high school, Arielle moves to London. Hoping she can leave her past behind and move on... What She doesn't know her life plan will change when she meets a super famous boy named Harry.


2. Hello London

As I enter the luxurious lobby of the hotel, I hear someone call my name, I turn around and see Laura my cousin, Hello there? you look tired, well it was a long flight, Did you check in yet? Ugh yes I did, my father booked us a very nice suite, till we find a place to live in, -Oh thats wonderful all I need right now is a hot shower, my pijamas and maybe room service, what do you think, laur? Darling Its your first night here and you want to stay in the hotel, I was considering room service while we get ready to go out with my friends to one of the hottest, clubs in town, The Funky Buddah, Really Laur?, Oh come on Ari pretty, pretty please? she smiles well okay! oh amazing, now lets get ready babe.

We were on a pretty cool suite, with a sofa, two rooms, two bathrooms, perfect! this couldnt be any better, So am starving, can you order the food, while I take a shower? yes Laur yells to me - , What do you want to eat Ari? Fish n chips, Okay she says.

I decided to wear a little black bandage dress, with some skycraper black heels, I Straightened my hair, and wore black eye liner and red lipstick, I felt really sexy, Wooooooow!! Laur says as she notices me, You look fine girl, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, with a shiny cropped top and combat boots, She is really tall so she never wears high heels.

we quickly ate dinner, and later we took a cab to the club, There were a ton of paparazzi waiting outside the club, I wonder who is here tonight? Laur says, Laur says Hi to the security guard and we instanly go inside, despite there were tons of people waiting outside to get in, this looks mental, Oh look One direction are here, Laur says, What, I scream literaly my lungs out, Shhhh you fool, What? I say, I know them, Danielle Peazer is Liam Payne's girlfriend, she is a dancer, just like me... Laur Im a directioner, will you introduce me to them? yes of course I will, they are super down to earth and funny, youll like them, They are the friends I told you we were coming with.


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