After graduating from high school, Arielle moves to London. Hoping she can leave her past behind and move on... What She doesn't know her life plan will change when she meets a super famous boy named Harry.


4. Club Pt. II

Harry and I went inside the club again, Arielle!! Where were you??, Laura looked really worried, Umm I was outside with Harry, We were just talking, - Girl why didnt you told me you were going outside, I was worried about you because I couldnt find you, Sorry Laur, despite the fact Laura was mad at me, I did not regret at all being outside with Harry, Laura said she wanted to leave immediatly, We went to say goodbye to Liam and Danielle, Then I introduced myself to Louis and Eleanor, in my way out Harry hold my hand and he asked me for my number, Hey I Had an awesome time with you tonight, can I have your number? sure I said with a big smile on my face, He grabbed my Iphone and saved his number, I also saved my number on His Iphone, He gave me back my phone, Please dont give it to anyone, I contstantly have to change it, Dont worry about that H, I wont.

He gave a French Kiss infront of everyone else in the club, including Laura, and his friends, I'll call ya tomorrow babe, His friends didnt even notice, I guess they are used to this, The one who was in shock was Laura, We head outside of the club, We couldnt find a cab, Niall was also going home so he offered to give us a ride to the hotel we were staying, Thanks Niall you are so Sweet, Laura Complimented him, toching his elbow, She was riding shotgun, No prob, I got a bit hungry, dont you girls want to eat something?- We can go to Mcdonald's he told us with a big smile, I guess he was hoping we said yes, Yes I demanded Im starving! Laura had no option, so we went to Mcdonald's, He headed straight to the drive trhu, and ordered for all of us, Laur andI wanted to pay, but he would not let us, my treat ladies! he said politely, We ate inside his range rover, and then he took us to the hotel, Thanks Niall, Laur and I told him at the same time, Laura I'll ring you tomorrow I need to ask you something, he said, Okay, Laura's voice is shaking, I think she likes Niall.

Wow, I didnt know you liked the cute irish boy, Shhhh Arielle, I didnt know you were so easy, Excuse me?- Harry Styles, He is a womanizer and you fell for him,- Well Im not easy, okay maybe, He is so hot and irresistable Laur, He got my heart racing faster than any other boy I met  in my whole life, he seems to be a really nice guy. -Well be careful okay Ari? Yep, I hugged her, I dont want you to end up hurt, -dont worry about me. Hey you changed the subject, Niall?- Well he is just to cute, and I like him since I know him, I am just to shy to let him know, I think he likes me to,- Well look at you girl, you are hot as hell, you could be a model if you wanted to, and you know that. shh Ari, Good night cous, Good night.


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