After graduating from high school, Arielle moves to London. Hoping she can leave her past behind and move on... What She doesn't know her life plan will change when she meets a super famous boy named Harry.


1. Bye Bye New York

*** Authors note --> Sorry it stars a bit slowly.. Its my first novel! hope you enjoy and please share it =)

Marcus my driver is taking my to the JFK airport, my parents didn't even bother to come and say goodbye.

I'm so nervous I wont make it on time to catch my flight, damn rush hour, after so long waiting for this moment, I cant wait one more minute till I arrive to London.

I feel like moving there is the best option for me, I want my real life to start, London is where I was born, and after my dad became a music mogul, he got a job offer to manage one of the most important record labels in the whole world, of course it had its perks at the begging, but then I barely see my parents, they were absolutely busy working for the music industry, and of course they cared about me, the reason I am moving is intuition, a feeling that something good will happen when I arrive there... I followed my heart.

My dad Bought me a first class ticket, its a long flight and in the plane a middle aged man sits next to me, his face is familiar somehow, "Hello young Lady", ahh from that british accent, its ringing a bell, "Hi, Arielle Cox", "Cox, isnt your dad Damien Cox, by the way Simon Cowell", - yes sir he is, Oh yes he told me his little girl was moving to London, Thats right I am, - Oh and where are you going to live? he asks, I think near primrose hill, or maybe nothing hill, My cousin Laura is also moving to London so I'll guess we'll figure out when we meet in London. "oh fancy neighbourhoods" he says - if you need a job ring me, I'll be thrilled to help you Arielle, Now Im off to sleep. - Thanks Sir.

After the 7 seven hour flight, Finally we land in the heathrow airport, I grab my bag and I said bye to Simon Cowell, Do you need a ride, its late and its very crowed it will take you at least and hour to catch a cab, Sure Thanks, I say.

He sent a body guard to baggage claim to pick his bags, Still I went and picked mine, he was waiting on a black suburban, so where are you headed Arielle? to the four seasons hotel please, He instructs the driver and I takes me there, Thanks a lot, Your father is a good friend of mine, Heres my card if you need anything, Thanks.

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