Description:   Anza is a soul shifter. She is the last of her kind. She has yet to find out which kind she is; Pure or Gifted. She has long wavy golden brown hair, green eyes, tan, and tall. She had to hide in a orphanage for most of her life. When she was finally adopted into a pack of wolves. The pack has yet to find out what she is. One day her brothers best friend and the next Alpha,  Ayzir, (has blonde hair, brown eyes, tan, tall, and muscular) happens to meet Anza and finds that they are mates..... (find out more by reading this story! Sorry to leave you hanging!) 


1. The Beginning

"Hahaha Hey guys look it's fat freak Ann." "She's so ugly!" "Look how fat she is!" "Eww I think I just died from looking at her ugliness!" "You're not wanted here! No one loves you that's why your parents left!" The kids yelled at me. I was crying in a corner thinking how right they were about me. I wasn't wanted. No one ever adopted me from the orphanage. The kids had bullied me, punched me, spit on me, cussed at me, kicked me, made fun of me, and no one seemed to care. That is until one day a pretty lady with blonde hair, brown eyes, petite, tan, and around the age of 29 adopted me. She told the owner of the orphanage that she was looking for a girl. I apparently being the only girl was adopted. Why? I don't know. No one ever wanted me, but this gorgeous lady seemed happy to have me. "Hello sweetie I'm Lalin Raina Kindle but you can call me Lala or mom, which ever. Who are you?" She asked sweetly. Maybe she isn't that bad. "I'm Anza, Anza River Talise. Please call me Anza." I say shyly. I'm 17. why am I acting so shy? I ask myself. "Well Anza I hope you are ok with having 3 boys in the house?" She asks. I've never had siblings before. I was an only child and when I was 7 my mom and dad left me saying they would see me again one day. My mom was crying and my dad looked sad and pained but nevertheless they left and didn't come back. I mentally shake my head and come back to reality. "I've never had siblings before but it will be ok." I tell her hesitantly. She smiles. "Come along. It's time to meet the family." She says after helping me set up my room. We walk downstairs. I see a handsome man who I assume is Mr. Kindle. "Kale Aster Kindle get up from that couch and meet your new daughter!" Lalin says sternly. "Alright Lala I'm getting up!" He says laughing at his wife. "Now who are you sweetheart?" He asks lovingly. "I'm Anza River Talise. I'm 17." I say keeping my head down. "Look at me when you talk there's no need to be shy." He says and I look up at his face. He's got big saphire eyes, tan, muscular, dark brown hair with little amount of gray, tall,(like 6,8) and a strong jaw. "Well you know who I am. I'm Kale, but you can call me Kale or dad." He smiled at me and had a loving expression. "" I said. Right then two boys burst through the door. "Dude calm down I didn't take your shirt. Why does it matter? It's a shirt." The blonde headed says. "Because- who's this?" The Brown headed guy asks bewildered. "This my sons is your new sister." Lalin says smiling. "Hi, I'm Zane. I'm 19." The blonde one says pulling me into a bear hug. He sets me back down. He has saphire eyes just like his father but his moms hair. He is tan, muscular, tall, (6,7) and has a strong jaw. "Hi, I'm Declan. I'm 17." the brown haired boy says now pulling me into a bear hug. He has his dads hair and has his moms brow eyes. He is tan, muscular, tall, (6,5) and also has a strong jaw. They all are very handsome. Right when Declan set me back down I smelt it. Wolves. I instantly knew that they were wolves. Time to tell them what I really am. 

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