Description:   Anza is a soul shifter. She is the last of her kind. She has yet to find out which kind she is; Pure or Gifted. She has long wavy golden brown hair, green eyes, tan, and tall. She had to hide in a orphanage for most of her life. When she was finally adopted into a pack of wolves. The pack has yet to find out what she is. One day her brothers best friend and the next Alpha,  Ayzir, (has blonde hair, brown eyes, tan, tall, and muscular) happens to meet Anza and finds that they are mates..... (find out more by reading this story! Sorry to leave you hanging!) 


2. Coming Clean

"Um guys we need to talk." I say nervously. "Ok honey you can tell us anything." They all said sitting down on the couch. "So this won't be easy to tell you but- but I know that you guys are wolves." I said. Shock was written all over their faces. "Before you hate me and send me back to the orphanage I need to tell you what I am." I said. Sigh. "I'm a soul shifter. I'm the very last of my kind. Hunters everywhere killed all of them. Swiped them clean. All except one. Me. My parents left I think to protect me. They told me thu would be back soon. They never came back." I said finally letting out a sob and letting the tears fall freely. They sat there astonished. "Anza we believe you. We also aren't the only wolves here. We are part of the Bloodlight pack. Our Alpha, Kyle, and his son, Ayzir, which he is soon to be Alpha. We need to go talk to him right now. 


We go to his house. "Hello and who are you my lovely?" Asks a handsome man I assume is Kyle. He's tall(6'8), tan, muscular, blonde hair, and green eyes. "I am Anza. I was adopted into Lalins family." I say. "How beautiful, like a flower." He says looking at me lovingly. "Honey come here!" Kyle shouts. A beautiful lady around the age of Lalin woth blonde hair, blue eyes, tall(6feet), and tan. "Why hello sweet! Who are you?" She says with a slight british accent. "I'm Anza. I was adopted into Lalins family." I say. "Well I'm Mae Murs and you are quite a beauty!" She says pulling me into a tight warm hug. She pulls away and smiles at me. She is as nice as Lalin, I think to myself. "Kanda come here!" Mrs. Murs calls out. A little girl around the age of six walks into the room. "Anza this is my daughter Kanda. I have a son but he is out with his friend." She says the friend part sarcastically. "Hi Anza. Do you want to be my best friend?"Asks the small girl. I smile and say, "Well of course I do! You are my best friend!" She smiles happily and then retreats back to her mothers side. "Hello Lala! How can we help you?" Mrs. Murs asks. "Well I need to tell you something. Please sit down this may take a while." I say. Everyone sits down. Sigh. "I know yall are wolves. I am a soul shifter. I don't know I'd I'm pure or gifted. I've also heard of a kind of soul shifter that is called the Ultra-Pure. It happens when the mother is a pure and the father is pure. When I was little my parents left me saying they would come back. They didn't come back. I think they did it to protect me. I am the very last of my kind." I say. "Anza what is a soul shifter?" Kanda asks. "A soul shifter is a person who can see other peoples and animals souls. I also can change into any kind of animal by gaining their trust and looking into their soul." I explain. "Can you change for us?" Kanda asks. "Sure." I say. I change into my white wolf. I hear gasps. I had learned this form when I once escaped the orphanage. I have other forms. The ones I know are; cat, wolf, canary, scissor tail, a cheetah, a Bangal tiger, and a fox. "Anza I think if you tell us who your parents were we will be able to tell what kind of shifter you are." Alpha Kyle says. "How?" I ask. "My pack has a couple of witches in it. I'm sure we can come in contact with them and figure it out." He said happily. I smiled. Maybe the kids at the orphanage were wrong. I changed back to my human form and everyone shielded their eyes. Haha I forgot to tell them that when shifters change back we have clothes on unlike wolves. "Guys I'm dressed. Shifters don't loose their clothes when they change back." I tell them. They look back up. "Thanks for the help. We will talk to you later about when we can meet these witches." Lalin said as we left. We went home and realized it was already diner time. We ate quietly. After supper I went up to my room and fell back on my bed. I fell into a dreamless sleep. 

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