When You're Gone~ Zayn Malik FF

Zayn and Claire. Claire and Zayn. Everyone knew about them. They meant everything to each other. Though there was one night that changed everything. Literally everything. Things are different now. Claire doesn't remember Zayn, and what happened to her to make her forget him. Zayn hates himself for this and he blames himself for it. When ever he tries to get to Claire, something's standing in the way. Her threatening parents, friends, and almost everything else. Will Zayn put Claire and all the memories in his past, or will he keep fighting for her?


1. Claire

Zayn's P.O.V~

I sat and watched her and her friends giggling and chatting to each other. One of the girls started to be the main talker while everyone else listened. But I only cared about one one them who was listening. CLaire. Her dirty blond hair was beautifully placed over her shoulder hanging down to her waist. She wore a pink, translucent shirt, and under a white spaghetti strapped undershirt. She had on a thin black belt on tight jean shorts cut right above the knees. One of her friends saw and looked up at me. She leaned over towards Claire and whispered in her ear. She looked up at me confused then said something back to her friends. The girl nodded and continued to focus on the other girl speaking. Claire looked up at me a couple more times and on the last she sighed and interrupted the speaker to say, "I'll be right back." Loud enough for me to hear. She got up and sauntered over to me and my friends who I have been ignoring for the past 10 minutes. "Ok look. Well don't look. That's why I'm over here. Why do you keep staring?" She paused. "Sorry if I'm sounding mean. But do I know you or something?" I answered with a no appologized for the creepy staring. Then she walked away. A very small laugh slipped from the creaces between my lips. Just like the first time I met her. Came off a little rude and then appologized. So I had lied. She does know me. Did. She just doesn't remember that she knows me. She doesn't remember at all that we were everything to each other one. Never left the other one's side. But the most of all, I'm the reason she almost died. 

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