Love hurts

Ellie is a girl who has no idea of one direction because of her abusive father who locks her in a tiny room with no windows and no bed with the door closed all the time. Will she escape? Or will she die?


4. Vamp problems

Ellie's POV 

eww. That was just wrong "uncle si? Will I have to date a certain kind?" I ask taking it all in "ugh yes sorry love but you will have to date a vampire, because you are a witch and a...vampire" Simon says whispering the last part "HOW!?!" I yell accidently smashing a window "oops" I say rewinding and putting the glass back "okay ill be your teacher for witchcraft and LOUIS will be you vamp teacher okay?" Simon asks "yes uncle si" I say irratated "yes Simon?" Louis says coming in "you will be Ellie's vamp teacher alright?" Simon asks "yes, come on Ellie I've got a lot to teach you" Louis says taking my hand "where are we going Louis?" I ask "outside" Louis says tightening his grip around my wrist but I don't react to the way he's holding me hand "ugh Louis can ya let go please?" I ask stopping and fighting against his grip "I can't there is something wrong" Louis says ttaking me behind his back. I hiss "go away demon!" I say smelling a rotten yet alcoholic scent "hahaha now why would I leave the most dangerous of our kind!" He says. I feel my head start to throb as I scream rubbing my temples "ELLIE!!" Is all I hear before blackness and numbness take over my body. I see her. My mother "you don't deserve to live you rotton living creature!" My mother screams "I thought you-" "no never I sent you away so I didn't have to deal with you anymore and so I can have rough sec on the couch with David" my mother says smirking evilly "oh Dave. I think Ellie wants it....BAD" my mother says. I feel myself being shaken "Ellie? ELLIE" Simon screams as I wake up crying. I get up and collapse into Harry's arms "now about that date I don't think I can make it" I say pointing at nothing "ha I know you won't, that's why  we are having a date in your room" harry says picking me up bridal style into my bedroom "NO FUNNY STUFF!!?!" Simon yells "sure thing!" I say back giggling "you are so cute when you do that" harry says "we'll you are handsome doing that!" I say laughing "oi oh thanks I am quite handsome" harry says stroking his curls after he put me on my bed. I slip indeed the covers and was about to fall asleep when I feel someone slipping into my bed with me "hello" harry sas "hi harry" I say rolling over to face...a smirking harry "what? Like what you see?" I ask as his eyes travel down to my breast making me feel nervous "yes yes I do. You are the wonderful sight" harry says "aww thanks" I say kissing his cheek. 

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