Love hurts

Ellie is a girl who has no idea of one direction because of her abusive father who locks her in a tiny room with no windows and no bed with the door closed all the time. Will she escape? Or will she die?


3. New people

Ellie's POV 

i walk out of my room after Simon but stop as I hear harry and Niall talking about me "Ellie is so polite and cute in Danielle's clothes I think I'm gonna ask her for dinner" a deep British accent says "oh really now? Well ask her if she has any friends?" Niall says "sure thing mate" harry says coming to the door. I run down the stairs and act like nothing happened "ugh Simon can I talk to you for a sec?" Harry says coming down the steps and into the living room "soo Ellie, did you want to meet the rest of the family?" Liam asks siping on his tea "there's more?" I ask pulling 'really' look "yeah" Liam says "ugh I don't like meeting new people and I am terribly shy" I say walking towards the living room "ugh sorry to interupt but Simon you never said there was more people I had to meet!" I say crossing my arms over my chest and frowning "aww" harry whispers a bit to loud "umm you mean Danielle and Eleanor and Perrie?" Simon says "oh they are girls?" I ask un-crossing my arms "yes they are zayn, Liam and Louis girlfriends" Simon says "now Ellie, harry wants to ask you something" Simon says "if I can go on a date with him tonight? Sure" I say walking out "how did she know?!" Harry said walking out after me "and I don't have any friends" I say as harry stands beside me "oh you heard?" Harry asks scratching his head "of course I heard I sleep next door!" I say laughing as harry blushes "um I'm going to take you on a picnic tonight so wear something-oh no I'm taking you shopping right now!" Harry says taking my hand and pulling me outside into a garage with a black SUV in it "WAIT ELLIE!!" Simon says running down to the garage "yes uncle si?" I ask walking towards him "I need to tell you something tonight" he says walking off "yes" I say hopping in the back "why don't you sit in the front?" Harry asks confused "umm I'm not overly fond of boys harry" I whisper "oh" harry says "can we go this is awkward" I say uncomfortable as harry stares at me.

~after shops~

"thanks curly" I say smirking at the name I have him "oi!" Harry says chasing me but is like 5-6 meters away from me "ha you forget, I've been running for 10 years" I say walking inside and into my room "good your back Ellie" Simon says sitting on my bed "oh his uncle si" I say smiling "now Ellie don't scream or freak but you are a witch and the boys are vampires okay?" He says "oh yeah? Prove it" I say dropping the dozens of bags on the floor and crossing my arms over my chest "LOUIS!" Simon yells "yes si?" Louis says walking into my bedroom "show Ellie you know" Simon says. Louis faces me and opens his mouth to reveal long white fangs and his eyes turn the colour of blood red "OKAY OKAY, put them away please" I say almost falling over "then I don't believe I'm a witch" I say "okay, think of Niall in your bedroom naked" Simon says smirking evilly "eww but whatever" I say as I start to think of Niall....naked. I leave my eyes open and just like that Niall is in my bedroom naked "oh god okay I believe you now just make it go away!"

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